9th Dawn 3 | How To Level Up Different Magic Types Fast

For 9th Dawn 3 players, in the late game, it’s quite annoying to level up magic you’ve never used, especially if you want the achievement to get all abilities. In this guide, we’ll show you a nice way to level most magic types fast, and you can even do it while AFK if you have an auto macro setup.

How To Level Up Magic Fast In 9th Dawn 3

  • It’s quite simple, you just need to understand that skills go up the more you use them
  • same for attack abilities.
  • It’s important to differentiate abilities though since most can’t pass walls and some can
  • This method applies to those which cannot pass walls.
  • The trick is simple, aggro an enemy near a wall, and let it sit on the other side of the wall.
  • Now spam all your magic spells nonstop.
  • Since you can’t hit the enemy, you can keep on casting and leveling your skills.
  • This doesn’t work with earth and darkness spells since these can go through walls and kill the enemy
  • attack spells can only be cast if there’s an enemy nearby.
  • For the melee skill, it doesn’t level up if you attack empty space, you actually need to hit something.
  • For this, we recommend equipping your lower damage dual-wield weapons and go to any area with high-level monsters and keep attacking them.
  • It should take a long time to kill them, but every time you hit them your skill should go up a little, keep at it and it should rise quite fast.

Hope you find this mini-guide useful, it can save you a lot of time if you do it correctly. For example check the screenshot that shows all the spells being used in succession, making it really easy to level up the fire, ice, light, magic regeneration, and magic destruction.

That’s all we have in this guide. Be sure to check out our other posts, we will be back with more. Ciao!

Credits to Cesar

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