All Probe Locations in Destroy All Humans (2020)

Want to know the locations for all the probes in Destroy All Humans! Remake? If so then this is just the guide for you. We will list the positions for all the probes for each Area so that the navigation can be done easily. There are also images for certain locations. To view them simply enlarge them by zooming in if needed.

Destroy all Humans! All Probes Locations

1. Turnipseed Farm: All 25 Probe Locations

  • In the lake, on solid ground.
  • Next to the crop landing point.
  • Beside the house next to the crops.
Probes Turnipseed Farm
  • Next to the building on the farmland next to the road outside of the starting point.
  • On the green field with the defense cannon and several buildings.
  • Up atop the hill in the back of number 5’s location.
  • In the field beyond number 6’s location.
  • Besides the large red farmhouse.
  • In the crops once again.
  • On a field down the road.
  • Next to #11, behind a house.
  • Behind a tree in the middle of the four-lane road.
  • At the small barn house where the roads connect on the outskirts of the farmlands.
  • In front of the big house at #13.
  • Further up the one-lane dirt road from #14.
  • The way in the back of the uphill field near the first farm shack.
  • In the back of the first actual house.
  • On top of the hill, just east of #17.
  • In the valley, east of #18.
  • In the back of the red barn near the water.
  • From #20, go over the hill to the south.
  • Northeast over the large hill from #21, in the valley dip.
  • Atop the large hill at the southern part of the water.
  • Well hidden in the most southern part of the stage, near a lake.
  • The most southeastern side of things, in a field near the highway.

2. Rockwell: All 30 Probe Locations

  • Outside of the carnival, to the right.
  • Inside of the carnival, in the corner.
  • By the lake to the west of the original landing point.
  • Near the bridge.
  • On a rock in the water near the bridge.
  • In the back of a suburban home.
  • Besides another suburban home in the same area.
  • Behind the sign to the drive-in theater.
Rockwell probes location
  • Behind a large white barn home.
  • Around the corner from #9.
  • In an alley in the business district.
  • Behind a dumpster in an alley on the opposite side.
  • In the back of the mansion in the city.
  • Inside of the military camp, the first garage to the right.
  • Also in the military camp, out in the open.
  • At a farmhouse near the military camp.
  • In the back of the second military camp.
  • Inside the yard across from the second military camp (drive-in).
  • In the front yard of the home next to a military base.
  • Next to the big red barn beside the starting point of the radioactive cow mission.
  • In the alley of the business district near the Drive-In.
  • [probe6.JPG]At the red barn south of the carnival.
  • In front of the Population cow sign.
  • In the swimming pool over the bridge.
  • Behind the “Peaceful ATOM” sign at the town exit.
  • Between two actual houses/barns on the far east side.
  • In the midst of a plain green field south of the farthest eastern house in the stage.
  • In the carnival, along the wall.
  • Along the outside wall of the carnival.
  • Well hidden in the bushes near the water by the carnival.

3. Santa Modesta: All 50 Probe Locations

  • At the starting point.
  • In the middle of a swimming pool in town.
Probes in Santa Modesta
  • Near the motel staircase.
  • Atop the motel sign.
  • Between the bleacher seats in the stadium.
  • Next to Sleepy Ernst.
  • Atop the Bowl World sign.
  • In the Bowl World back entrance.
  • At the start of Santa Prix.
  • Behind gas station.
  • Atop a tree across from the Bowl World bowling alley.
  • In the back of the donut shop.
  • Atop the church.
  • Next to Modesta Massacre II mission location.
  • In the Laundromat alley.
  • Atop a tall rock in the park.
  • On top of the mall.
  • In a wooded area near some houses.
  • Near the end of the stage on the beach near Modesta Massacre II.
  • Atop the rocks in the ocean near the docks.
  • Atop the lighthouse on the island.
  • The boathouse at the beach.
  • In the suburban area to the east of the beach, near the houses.
  • Atop the hill in the suburban area from #23.
  • Near the southeastern landing pad.
  • Atop a suburban home.
  • In the Bert Whither cave.
  • Atop Lou’s Diner.
  • Atop the suburban rooftop across the street from the gas station.
After #29
  • Go to the edge of the beach across from #29.
  • Atop the large tree in the park.
  • Entrance to the beach, across from the Laundromat.
  • South of the lighthouse, on the beach outside of the fencing.
  • Follow the beach towards the west from #33 to find the lighthouse.
  • Keep going left to find one behind a fence.
  • Continue left to find another next to a billboard.
  • Continue left to find another on the beach.
  • Carry on along the outskirts to find another Probe in the wooded area up north.
  • Go south to find one in the dugout.
  • Keep going right and you’ll find another near a tree.
  • In the same greens as #40.
  • The rough of the gas station.
  • In the alleyway of Smith & Hodges.
  • In the corner of a southwestern suburban home.
  • Atop the second tall tree near the fountain.
  • In the gas station parking lot, between three gas barrels.
  • On the rooftop of Martin’s Electrical.
  • On a pillar in the water.
  • Atop a suburban home in the northeast.
  • Atop another pillar but not at sea this time.
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4. Area 42: All 24 Probe Locations

  • Behind the initial landing spot.
  • Atop the Majestic Lab building.
  • Atop the circular building across from #2.
  • On the left of the path right before the landmines during the Duck And Cover mission.
  • In the ammo yard a little higher from #4.
  • In an enclave near the gate down below from #5.
  • Over the rock archway near the northern landing pad.
  • Behind a rock beyond the airfield.
  • At the end of the airstrip, outside of the gate.
  • Above the tower of the airstrip.
Above the tower of the airstrip
  • Atop the building next to #11.
  • In the cabin area throughout the military base, behind a cabin.
  • Atop one of the pillars at the original starting spot.
  • Far north where the roads cross each other, you will find a gigantic mountain. It’s atop there.
  • Atop the mountain rock across from #14.
  • On two tall pillars outside of the Majestic base.
  • In the container gates, inside of the Majestic base.
  • Near the hole in the gate to the Majestic base, on a mountain.
  • On the right side of the airfield, behind a large rock.
  • Amidst some nearby rocks.
  • Between a couple of trees to the north.
  • Far in the desert, in the sand with nothing immediately nearby.
  • Between some cabins in the military zone.
  • On the roof of the large building in the military zone, side panel.

5. Union Town: All 25 Probes Locations

  • On the broken down lookout tower near the saucer.
  • In the back of the bottling plant.
In back of the bottling plant
  • Atop a small rooftop near the circular plants.
  • On top of the Muttz food building.
  • Atop the Admirable Appliance Co. building.
  • Behind the warehouses in the far east.
  • Go to the Navy warehouse and you will find one on top of the building.
  • Go west from the road to the Navy base to find some warehouses. Collect the Probe below the sign for Warehouse 25.
  • In the wilderness just west from #8.
  • North of #9.
  • Atop the final circular tower on the right.
  • At the first tower, look to the left (facing industrial district) to find it on a roof below.
  • Behinds a sign just ahead of #12.
  • In a corner south of the smokestacks.
  • Behind the large tower next to the river.
  • On the other side of #15.
  • On a rock in the water south from #16 and #15.
  • In a small alleyway near the large scaffold.
  • Fly to the small island and find a probe below a broken wall near the northern side.
  • Search the trees on the isle.
  • Return to Union Town itself and head for the south along this path to find a probe in the corner of two containers.
  • Further south, look for another tower and you will find another Probe in the air near the back of it.
  • Atop the southern-most scaffold.
  • Between two garbage dumpsters in an alley to the northeast from #23.
  • In-between containers near #24.

6. Capitol City: All 30 Probes Locations

  • Atop the awning in front of the original starting point.
Capitol City probe locations 1
  • In the military base, inside of a container near the front.
  • On the ledge of the building nearest the bridge.
  • Land in the area where the final battle takes place and go straight. At the bridge, look on the other side of the fence to find a Probe.
  • Above the Tesla Coil in the gates to the right.
  • Straight ahead from #5, in the rubble.
  • Behind the crates in the back of you.
  • Inside of one of the crates here.
  • Suspended in the air on a construction bar on the right side.
  • Above #9.
  • On the rooftop, in the center from #10.
  • On the other side of the crumbling building.
  • Below #12.
  • On the ground, below #13.
  • Atop a pillar near #14
Probe location Capitol City
  • Outside of the fence on the right side of the stage.
  • Behind the left station in the courtyard.
  • Inside of a steel crate near #17.
  • In the left station.
  • Cross the bridge and go left to find a statue of a man riding a horse. You’ll find a Probe near it.
  • Inside of the archways on the left side of the Capitol building.
  • On the balcony of the Capitol building.
  • The ledge of the eastern Capitol building balcony.
  • On the rooftop ledge of the Capitol building, east side.
  • On the White House roof, in the back.
  • In the business district, look for a unique circular tower on a building. Jump atop to reach the Probe.
  • On the rooftop of Finkelstein’s Consumer Goods.
  • On the rooftop of the second Finkelsteins, near the ocean.
  • In the parking lot of the National Statistical Reserve.
  • On a rooftop in the heart of the city.


image credits: ign

That will be all the probes you need to find in the game. Make sure to reference the images for enhanced guidance. We are open to suggestions and queries in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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