Amnesia: Rebirth | How To Increase Inventory Space


For Amnesia: Rebirth players, if you think that the Vanilla Inventory amounts were a bit unfair and the lantern used oil way too quickly, you can change that right here by following this guide. Use these quick easy steps to increase your inventory space using the Config. File. Check it out!

Increase Inventory Space Using Config File in Amnesia: Rebirth

Recommend having Notepad++ but regular Notepad will work as well.


Go to: This PC > Drive(Game Stored on) > SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > Amnesia Rebirth > config

Open: Inventory.cfg

<ItemType ID=”Lantern”>
<Bulk MaxAmount=”10″ Container=”true” ContentType=”Oil” InitAmountRange=”0,0″/>
<Inventory Icon=”inventory_item_lamp”/>
<Use OnWorld=”true”/>
<Hands UsesArmAnimation=”true” LeftHand=”true” LightSource=”true” EntityFile=”lantern_new_hand.ent”/>

This is the Lantern. Change the <Bulk MaxAmount=”10″ to a higher number, I changed mine to 50. This will change the amount of Oil you can put into the Lantern.

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<ItemType ID=”Matchbook”>
<Bulk MaxAmount=”10″ InitAmountRange=”1,3″/>
<Inventory Icon=”inventory_item_matches” PickupIcon=”inventory_item_match_single”/>
<Hands UsesArmAnimation=”false” LeftHand=”true” LightSource=”true”/>
<Use OnWorld=”false”/>
  • This is the number of Matchbooks you can carry, simply change <Bulk MaxAmount=”10″ to a higher number or -1 for unlimited
  • (if you do this it will take away the amount you have in the inventory, it will simply show that you have the item)
  • Change InitAmountRange=”1,3″ to a higher number as well
  • this will change the number of Matches you receive when picking up a Matchbook.
  • For the vanilla, when you pick up a Matchbook you will receive between 1 and 3 Matches.


<ItemType ID=”Laudanum” >
<Bulk MaxAmount=”-1″/>
<Inventory Icon=”inventory_item_luciditypotion”/>
<Use OnSelf=”true”/>

Same as the Lantern and the Matchbook, I changed this number from unlimited to 100 so I could track how many I have in my inventory.

<!– OIL TYPES –>

<ItemType ID=”HerbertOil”>
<Bulk MaxAmount=”100″ ContentType=”Oil”/>
<Inventory Icon=”inventory_item_herbert_oil”/>
<Use OnSelf=”true”/>
</ItemType><ItemType ID=”ModernOil” >
<Bulk MaxAmount=”100″ ContentType=”Oil”/>
<Inventory Icon=”inventory_item_modern_oil”/>
<Use OnSelf=”true”/>
</ItemType><ItemType ID=”AlchemistOil”>
<Bulk MaxAmount=”100″ ContentType=”Oil”/>
<Inventory Icon=”inventory_item_alchemist_oil”/>
<Use OnSelf=”true”/>
  • These are all the Oil types in the game.
  • If you’ve made it this far on this discussion then you know what to do on these three item types.
  • For all three: <Bulk MaxAmount=”#” change the # to the value you want and save.
  • Don’t forget to Save or the changes will not take effect.
  • Also, don’t mess around with the other parameters for it may mess the game up.
  • It will also be wise to make a copy of the vanilla Inventory.cfg just in case you mess something up and need to go back to default.
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That’s all we are sharing today in Amnesia: Rebirth | How To Increase Inventory Space, if there is anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

Credit to Gecko_Jeeper

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