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The much awaited release from EA finally dropped,dating 22nd February 2019 with the release of ANTHEM over PS4/XBOX ONE and PC, after they released the very successful APEX LEGENDS – A free to play battle royale game by re spawn games.
I mention APEX LEGENDS because what followed the so called demise of ANTHEM somewhere has to do with the hype being nearly killed by their own release.




The makers BioWare who hold critically acclaimed titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect series,Star Wars: The Old Republic and the likes of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, are renowned for their splendid in-game environment with rich and unique stories. So a lot was riding on them to come up with a NEXT-GEN game, set to blow away gamers off their feet. ANTHEM was their hot drop and people had very high hopes with this release.
You join up with three other players or make it solo, assemble high-tech, hand crafted and powerful exo-suits and face the dangers which lie ahead as your javelin exo-suit grows in power with each mission.

To be honest it has potentially loads of content, a lot of endgame content as well as those free updates as the game progresses further since its release time. It can look a lot different than what it is now due to patching and updating of this game further down the timeline.

If we look at a larger frame here and see this from a general perspective( some personal also), Its not a total disaster as the mass forums and discussions are claiming it to be. If we measure this game on the basis of types of gamers, whether be it casual or the hardcore ones, then yes its not a good game overall.

Its a “looter-shooter” game,which means you keep endlessly playing, crafting things,finding weapons with sicker names & better stats and customizing your javelin exo-suit.
Now even though we cannot compare this to games like DESTINY, THE DIVISION 2 or the lovable F2P, WARFRAME we cant deny the fact that it is roughly structured like these games only.Such types of games are not meant for everyone to play and like.
As most of us expected this turned out to be an IRON MAN SIMULATOR like game with decent shooting mechanics to go with. And lets be honest the IRON MAN SUIT is cool( speaking for myself even though).

Lets check out some suit features shall we?

a.The jets propulsion sound
as the exo-suit blasts off, is very satisfying to the ear.

b.Flying and dodging is made easy due to the ease of handling the suit as you get a sense of total control.
c.The overall suit mechanics is good from its feedback to the sound to the command you feel while flying it.

Talk about weapons?

They don’t fail to impress either. From shooting them to the point of contact is fairly good. Against larger enemies the feel of unloading the gun is rather satisfying.

Ability Usage combined with weapons, especially using your ultimate attack is not bad at all. Making a combo of these tests your wisdom as well.Especially the STRONGHOLDS makes you feel the challenges as you group up with your friends and do those big challenge EVENTS.

BUT! on that contrary to all these to me and as per most of the community so far, none of the grind is rewarding and satisfying enough.Guns do not have a large arsenal and swapping one for the other is pretty uninteresting and same.Having said that, we must appreciate the actual customization of the javelin in terms of colors and material which is quite impressive but still, it does not make the game any better.


The rewards are not satisfying enough so that you keep coming back for it every week, which many loading screens keep reminding you again and again! This loading screen tact would have worked if one was not even disappointed with the overall game but its not the case so far.
They may bring in new patches and updates but here ‘first impression is last impression’ will stick with most of the gamers since they have already formed an idea initially even with all the free updates its getting. The micro transaction feel store which gets displayed right at the center of the pause menu can annoy most of the players.
Most of the people cannot be blamed because they wanted to like ANTHEM which also includes me, but its missing that ‘BioWare original’ touch to it which we saw in their much successful titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition and most importantly in The Mass Effect series.
With that being said a lot of the characters in ANTHEM are enjoyable and fun to watch in game with their expressive and interesting voices, Owen in particular! who is followed by more characters which are also interesting.

Cut-scenes are very impressive also along with the big budget music which makes the scenes sounds great. But one has to be there also and exist in the game world which is where more of the gamers feel like its missing that X-factor.

FORT TARSIS feels very dull and lifeless as compared to what we were expecting. Even though there are different factions in the game with which one can interact and rank-up their loyalty, but other than that you would like to stick to the normalized SOCIAL HUB where a player can access other thing without going to a dull world.
They can, and i think will add things to these HUBS and FORT TARSIS itself because its like a template layout for the DEVS but people would have preferred if all that was there from DAY 1 itself.

The world exploration with your JAVELIN is also less interesting and one may lose interest after a while.
Lets see the performance aspect also.
The game works fine on XBOX ONE and PS4 PRO but when many of the people played on base grade PS4 or on the XBOX ONE S the frame rates went to SUB PAR and became somewhat unstable.


Ultimately it all comes down to personal taste i feel but the overall feedback from the players has not been good. It has a strong template base but a lot of things are lacking in it. On a global scale the game has failed to make its mark prominent.Still if the buyer feels like he/she can enjoy it(which is possible in a general aspect) then you should take it.
I will leave a purchase link for those who wish to get it. : PC/XBOXONE/PS4

I Hope that this edition of BEFORE YOU BUY helped you in some way to decide & get some general information if you did not know.

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