Apex Legends Mobile: How to Unlock Fade and Abilities

Fans of Apex Legends have one more reason to celebrate now. The release of Apex Legends Mobile has been met with great acclaim. There are several similarities between this edition and the PC/console version. However, there are a few differences as was expected.

One of the major ones has been the introduction of a new Legend, only available in the mobile game. The Legend named Fade, is locked in the beginning and players have to unlock him in the game.

The following guide will help you with how to unlock Fade and get to play with him. Moreover, you will also get an overview of its abilities and powers in the game.

Apex Legends Mobile- How to unlock Fade and Abilities 

When launching the game, players will get Bloodhound alone. You will have to unlock Octane from the Store free of cost. The next Legend is Lifeline which you’ll get after participating in a battle, which upgrades your level.

Therefore, players have to continue leveling up to unlock further Legends. By Level 24, you should have all the Legends with you minus Fade. That is because Fade unlocks in two different ways- paid and free. Let’s check both of them out.

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Fade abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Like many Legends in the game, Fade can phase technology. That puts him in the same category as Ash and Wraith. Here are Fade’s abilities: 

  • FlashBack (Tactical): Players can teleport themselves back to their previous locations i.e., one they just left seconds ago. This can help in making starting plays for the team and rolling back opponents. 
  • Slipstream (Passive): You will get a momentum boost at the end of a slide. Fade’s speed of movement increases after running from a slide. 
  • Phase Chamber (Ultimate): A grenade that transports enemies to the void for 3.5 seconds from the battle. There is no fighting in the void, and even if a player is in there, they cannot attack. 

Unlock Fade (free)

The grit and grind way of unlocking Fade. Players have to keep regularly playing the game to move up the Battle Pass tiers. You will get Fade Piece after finishing missions alongside going up levels.

Fade requires 10 such pieces to be unlocked from within the game. However, Apex Legends Mobile will also help you out in this quest. It gives two Fade Pieces free at certain levels like:

  • Level 1
  • Level 9
  • Level 13
  • Level 17 
  • Level 25

Therefore, players have to keep competing till Level 25 on the Battle Pass to collect the required Pieces.

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Unlock Fade (paid)

For players who want to unlock Fade immediately, money is king. You can use Fade by unlocking him using Syndicate Gold, which is the currency in the game. It will cost real-world money. 

Fade requires 750 Syndicate Gold, which translates to:

  • $14.99 or,
  • Rs. 899

Players will receive 935 Syndicate Gold and can use it to unlock Fade. You can follow these steps to unlock him after meeting the requirements:

  1. Go to the ‘Legends’ option at the bottom bar of the screen
  2. Choose Fade and click on ‘unlock’
  3. Select how you want to unlock Fade; either through acquired Pieces or Gold

There you have it, folks! All about Fade’s abilities and how to unlock him. Keep playing this kick-ass game with Fade for the best experience.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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