Aquanox: Deep Descent | Resource Usage/Performance Fix

This guide aims to fix the excessive resource usage of Aquanox Deep Descent, which in turn leads to performance problems or hardware overheating in some cases. Check it out!

Performance and Resource Usage Fix For Aquanox Deep Descent

Fix for NVIDIA Cards

This guide will make the game do three important things. First, enable Vsync which the game actually lacks, second enable Triple Buffering to get better stability, and third limit the Maximum FPS to 60, in order to reduce the resource over-usage. Here is how.

Step by Step Procedure (Nvidia)
  •  Open the Nvidia Control Panel
    Right-click on the desktop anywhere and select “Nvidia control panel”. A window will open.
  •  Create custom settings for Aquanox Deep Descent
    Go to “manage 3D settings”, on the side there will be a panel- In this panel select the tab called “program settings” – below it will say “select a program to customize” and there will be a drop-down menu.
  • In this menu, there are many programs you used recently. Select “Aquanox Deep Descent” from this list.
  • After that, look below and you will see a list of many settings. The ones you want to change are:
    Maximum Frame Rate: set it to 60FPS
    Triple Buffering: set it to On
    Vertical Sync: set it to Enabled
  • After this click APPLY on the bottom right of the panel to apply the changes, then close the panel.
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Done! Now launch Aquanox Deep Descent normally from Steam. Performance and resource consumption will be much better and lower.

Fix for ATI Cards / Alternate Method

  • Go to: %LOCALAPPDATA%\ANX\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\
  • Open: GameUserSettings.ini
  • And set bUseVSync to true
  • Or, set FrameRateLimit to whatever value you want.
  • It is not recommended to use both of these settings at the same time. So either one or the other.

If you found this guide to be useful then please leave a comment to let us know your approval. We will be back with more guides for you. Stay well, stay blessed!

Credits to Suicide Machine

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