Arknights: Originium And Orundum | How To Get And Uses

In this guide, I will discuss with you, the details of Originium(Originite Prime) and Orundum in the game Arknights. After reading this guide you will know how to get them and why these resources are so highly valued in this game.

The game’s rarest resource and “the red one” do not come too easily. So you need to know the best use of these resources. After that, you can use them at an advantage to boost better gameplay. Learn them here from this guide.

How To Get Originium and Orundum And Their Uses

How To Get Originium And Its Uses

Originium is the game’s rarest resource, which is awarded to you only for clearing 3-Star stages for the first time. You can otherwise obtain it through real-world money transactions.

It might be a bit confusing to new players, but Originium and Originite Prime are one and the same thing and used in the game interchangeably. It is often referred to as “The yellow one”, and can be used to purchase a large number of items like Operator Outfits and certain Packs.

One Origiumium can be exchanged for your present maximum Sanity(stamina). Also, one Originum can be exchanged for 180 Orundum.

Players who don’t want to spend money should save their Originium for Operator Outfits. If you don’t mind your Operators being teased by the enemy because they don’t have the latest outfits, then you can feel free to spend your Originium on Sanity or pulls.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your Originium, save it for the future because you will definitely need it later. For most people buying Outfits with Originium is the priority. Sanity is the 2nd choice followed closely by pulls.

How To Obtain Orundum And Its Uses

Orundum (the red one) is used to pull the gacha.  Each pull costs 600 Orundum (3.3 Originium), and 10 pulls costs 6000 (33.3 Originium).  Orundum is obtained in a number of ways.

You can obtain them through Daily mission rewards and Weekly mission rewards. They can also be obtained from the Annihilation Mode.

Also, they can be produced through the Factory. Players can exchange them from Originium (1 Originium for 180 Orundum). Basically, you can get new Operators through it.

Every new banner guarantees a 5 Star within the first 10 pulls, so make sure you have 6000 Orundum for each new banner (roughly every 2 weeks).

Through Daily Missions (100), Weekly Missions (500), and weekly Annihilation Mode (1200; 1700 after Annihilation 3 is cleared), players can obtain 5,800 Free Orundum every 14 days. 

This means, in order to guarantee the 5 Star Operator on each banner, the player would only need to acquire 200 more if all else fails.  If the player gets lucky and pulls the 5 Star Operator before 10 pulls, then purchasing extra Orundum may not be required. 

Purchasing the Monthly Pack will guarantee enough Orundum with some to spare. Plan ahead and save for Operators you like or that can help your team.

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Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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