Awaken: Chaos Era Redeem Codes and Reroll Guide

In this brief guide for Awaken: Chaos Era, I will show you how you can reroll for best heroes in the game. The method is quite fast and easy to perform. If you just follow it step by step, you will not have a hard time doing it. 

I will also share some redeem codes with you, so that you can get free rewards and items by redeeming them. If you need more of them, I will also try to link the source for more of such redeem codes for ease of reference.

Awaken: Chaos Era Reroll Guide and Redeem Codes

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How To Reroll

First of all, click on the top right corner for the main menu. Now click on settings from there. Next, select the “Account” tab from the left of the screen. Now all you need to do to reroll for the new characters is press “Data Reset”. Long story short:

  • Click Top-Right Corner
  • Open Main Menu
  • Select Settings from there.
  • Click on “Account” Tab
  • Press “DATA RESET” to reset data and initiate a new reroll

The following image illustrates how to do them. Hope you find them helpful;

Some points to remember before resetting data:

  • Resetting your data will downgrade your account to level 1 and remove all heroes and battle data
  • It will remove all the purchases you have made in your account, including purchase history
  • This removes messages in social interface including all friends, communications, and lists info.
  • Effectively removes your account from any and all leader board your account currently sits on.

These are some of the conditions shown before resetting data. I would highly recommend that you do not do any of them until you get the perfect roll of heroes for the account.

How To Summon before Reroll

The thing you need to do is play the tutorial up to chapter 1-6. Once you reach this level, claim all the mailbox and other daily rewards. This will help you to make the rolling easier. You will most probably have 650 Normal Stones and 3 Summon Stones.

Each Summon stone costs 150 blue stones. Hence, you can get additional 4 stones. Now simply click on Summon and use the summon stone to pull the first time. You can do this for a total of 7 times.

If you claim everything before the summon, you will have 3 stones to use. Use all of them to pull for the perfect heroes.

If you do not get the hero you want in the total of 7 summons, you can reset data and start over again. This is the only working reroll method for now. If I find any new methods to reroll, I will let you know via this post. Keep this bookmarked.

Redeem Codes for Awaken: Chaos Era

Here are the list of redeem codes I could find for this game. Simply click on the to copy to clipboard.

  • ACEDC  – Advanced Summoning Crystal x 3
  • ACEFB – Advanced Summoning Crystal x 3
  • Hello100 – Normal Summoning Crystal x 100
  • ACE777 – Gold x 10000 Diamond x 100 EXP Jelly x 100000
  • FOODY – 3-stars foody x 1
  • Swordout – 4-star Raider Blade x 1 Special Weapon Charm x 3 Advanced Weapon 
  • Whosyourdaddy – [Requires Level 5] – zachary x 1 
  • Ineedadoctor – [Requires Level 5] – abbott x 1  

To Redeem These codes follow the steps for rerolling. But at the end moment you should click on “REDEMPTION CODE” instead of data reset. In the next window, simply input the codes and get your free rewards. Keep this page bookmarked for updated codes. I will try to refresh this as I get to know more of them.

That is all I had to share in this guide of Redeeming Codes and Rerolling in Awaken: Chaos Era. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. On a side note, if you want to know some game tier lists I have arranged, check out the Tier Lists Section. 

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