Baldur’s Gate 3 | Aunty Ethel & Save Mayrina Quest Guide

Published: October 20, 2020 | Last Updated On: May 8, 2022

For Baldur’s Gate 3 players, this is a guide on the Quest for Aunty Ethel and Save Mayrina. There are two versions of this guide. A text and one video version. You can refer to either of these for the full walkthrough. Read on…

Aunty Ethel & Save Mayrina Quest Guide for Baldur’s Gate 3

Text Walkthrough Part 1

  • You first encounter Auntie Ethel in the druid’s grove at her shop.
  • Walking south of the blighted village, you’ll notice brother’s arguing with your adopted auntie.
  • Defending Auntie Ethel will result in a very quick fight against the brothers before Auntie Ethel reveals some important facts about the situation.
  • Heading over to her house and failing an investigation check will leave you with a Pleasant walk on your way to her house with even some sheep.
  • Try to talk with one of these sheep. Maybe a potion of animal speaking will help.
  • Try that without passing the investigation check.
  • Trying to have a conversation will turn these gnomes into Gollums.
  • Speaking with the dead will reveal more information on Auntie Ethel’s true identity and her relationship with Marina.
  • Walking into Auntie Ethel’s cozy or scary house will reveal the following scene.
  • Standing up for Marina will reveal the following about Auntie.

Text Walkthrough Part 2

  • And if you choose to let Auntie Ethel deal with your worm brain affliction, that’s the right choice to let auntie Ethel poke out one of your eyes.
  • It grants you a permanent debuff that results in the character being unable to make critical hits and has a disadvantage on perception checks.
  • If you reveal what the ghosts of her brothers told you about auntie Ethel it will result in another fight!
  • Auntie Ethel will run off and following her downstairs into that creepy basement of hers will continue the quest.
  • Playing dress-up will result in Auntie Ethel possessing you and having your character attempt to slay Patrick Bateman the rest of your team.
  • There are some other cool interactions all around this area.
  • Finally wishing to progress in the quest you need to interact with this door and realize it’s transparent, you can just walk right through it.
  • Entering the next section of the map you will encounter a few people having an Auntie Ethel possessed costume party.
  • Looting the bodies you’ll notice one interesting note and rocks which can be used for the next section.
  • The rocks found earlier can be used to trigger the flowers thus disabling them from exploding your group. Or you can just run straight through.

Text Walkthrough Part 3

  • At this part in the quest, one of two things will happen.
  • If you’re lucky the quest will resume as normal and you will witness a cutscene.
  • If you don’t then you’re lucky that the quest is bugged for you!
  • To resolve this, Cast-create water and you’ll notice a red circle on the ground. Casting this will reveal the hag and she will just keep taking punishment.
  • The wand can be used to cast conner, who has 22 HP, 8 Armor, and 16 strength
  • He is pretty useful for a quick summon before a fight.

Video Walkthrough

  • The above text guide is shown in this video. You can check it for the full informative walkthrough as well.

That is all we had to offer for this guide. Leave your thoughts down in the comment section below, and we will see you in the next one!

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