Baldur’s gate 3 – Finish The Masterwork Weapon Sidequest Guide

Want to know how to do the “Finish THe Masterwork Weapon” Sidequest in Baldur’s Gate 3? If so then look no further. This guide will show you how to do it, in both text and video formats. Read on…

How to do the “Finish The Masterwork Weapon” Sidequest in BG3

  • Finish the Masterwork Weapon is a sidequest located in the underground section of the map inside the blighted village.
  • Breaking this wall will give you access to the area from where you can pick up the quest.
  • You can collect a large number of weapons from there.
  • Note that the masterwork weapon will require a scythe, greatsword, or dagger so you could leave one of those there for later.
  • After picking up the quest from the chest you will need Susser bark. It can only be found in the Underdark and is protected by several Level 4 hook horrors which can be difficult to deal with. So make sure you have a well-prepped team.
  • The hook horrors can be more easily managed by bringing them up onto this ledge. After taking a swing, you can push them off the ledge for some heavy fall damage. They will then waste their next turn getting back up onto the ledge.
  • Upon defeating them, you can now loot the tree of its bark.
  • Heading back to the forge and using the bark on the fire will turn the flames blue.
  • Now use either a greatsword, scythe, or dagger on the forge to finish the masterwork weapon.

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