Battlefield 5(BF5) – Assault Class Short Guide

Lets take a look into The BATTLEFIELD V (BFV) Assault class and a simple short guide to playing it.
NOTE : This is a somewhat general and personal view. You can come-up with a lot of other innovative ideas to play this class as well.

This class masters in front-line combat so players are expected to hold a balanced offense and defense who wish to play it.

One suggestive weapon in the player load-out would be the STG 44 :

A gun with a fairly high rate of fire and accuracy, when paired with its scope helps you land those killers frags and lethal shots from a fair distance without much trouble!

Next things to suggest would be to carry Sticky Dynamites with you. Great for taking out those big bad tanks as well as in an intense combat with another player.

As much a player wants to be the hero of the squad. Communication is important while pushing your enemy to coordinate and take out enemies in the most efficient and swift way possible, so dont forget to holler to your squads for backup or be aggressive.

Lets checkout two COMBAT ROLES you can pick from the options provided:
The Scavenger allows you to find more ammo and loot on enemies and Battle Hardened ability helps you regenerate health at a much higher rate than other roles.

This combat role allows you to even the playing fields and to neutralize enemy vehicles far better. The vehicle painter allows your teammates to spot any vehicles you damage. This allows them to swarm in and take it out! The vehicle Scrapper helps you regenerate health as you damage the enemy vehicles.
Also as you rank up be on the lookout for unlockables which will help you to bring down enemies and vehicles in a wide variety of ways, And gain the upper-hand in the Battlefield!

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