Battlefield 5(BF5) – SLI Fix Working(FPS fix also)

Reports were that Cheaters/hackers were using the Low Settings hack using the SLIs in BF: V(BF5). NVIDIA, DICE, and EA disabled direct access to the BF5 SLI to tackle this. It is frustrating for the players as its hard to troubleshoot or do a Potential FIX. They are getting low FPS and/or just want to use both of their cards but are unable to use the full power of two GPUs.

So if you seek such a FIX then keep reading. This can help bump up those FPS in BF5, as well as fix the SLI profile issues.

NOTE: The FPS fix will only work if you have two cards and still can’t get the full potential out of them. Usually, its recommended to upgrade your system for single card users.


Open File Explorer and go to view which should be located on top leftish of your screen then click on Tiles and Tick the box next to Hidden items.

  • File Explorer > view > Tiles > tick box Hidden items


a) Before you begin step 2 download NVIDIA Profile Inspector 2.30
NOTE: DO NOT use any other version than 2.30

b) Do a fresh re-installation of your NVIDIA drivers. Even if you have it already. First, install Profile inspector then do a clean installation of graphics drivers.

  • Open NVIDIA Profile inspector 2.30 and type “Battlefield V” in the profile search bar and select the “Battlefield V” profile. Under Compatibility go to the “SLI Compatibility bits(DX10+DX11)” and from the adjacent dropdown select the “0x080112F5( Star Wars: Battlefront II(2017))” option.
  • Minimize this window for now.


Now we try to access the hidden files which we unlocked in step 1. Go to your C: or where you have installed your windows. Go to ProgramData and scroll down to NVIDIA Corporation. Open the Drs folder. Select the file which say “nvdrsdb0.bin” press and hold SHIFT and click on “nvdrsdb1.bin”. Right-click and go down to properties and under attributes uncheck Read Only and press Apply.

  • C: > ProgramData > NVIDIA Corporation > Drs
  • Minimize this window for now after applying.


  • maximize a window in step 2 or open the NVIDIA Profile Inspector.
  • Search the profile Battlefield V and select it
  • Select the “Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)” option as you did in step 2.
  • Scroll down to the “SLI” section. Select the section “NVIDIA predefined number of GPUs to use on SLI rendering mode on DX10” and to its adjacent field select the option which says “0x00000004 SLI_PREDEFINED_GPU_COUNT_DX10_4”.
  • NOW, select “NVIDIA predefined mode on DX10” and to its adjacent field select the option saying “oxooooooo2 SLI_PREDEFINED_MODE_DX10_FORCE_AFR”
  • Go to Apply changes and make sure to click on it multiple times as once or twice sometimes do not register. A minimum of 6 to 10 times of quick clicking on it will do.


  • Maximize the window in step 3 or if you have accidentally closed it then follow the path shown in step 3 to open it and shift-click as shown.
  • Now, with the two files being selected right-click on them, go to Properties and under attributes check the read-only option and click apply.


Now launch your game. And turn “Motion Blur” OFF/ Put the scaling % to 0. and TURN ON “Future Frame Rendering”.

WARNING: EA flags alteration of files so do it at your own risk. We have not heard of any issues yet using this FIX.

If you follow each step carefully You should be all set and you will be able to USE the SLI on BF5 and in the process FIX your FPS with the SLI as well!

that’s all friends!

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