Best Fitness Tracker Watches 2019 – Top 4 with Price and Overview

Top 4 Fitness Tracker Watches 2019

When it comes to fitness watches, the choice of making a good purchase can affect your health progression directly. These watches can help you stay fit and keep track of your body at the same time along with other perks as well.

So let us look into the Top 4 fitness tracker watches for 2019 so far, with their prices and overview. The prices listed below are from and for prices in India. You can always look for these products in physical shops as per your preference and accessibility.




The Fitbit Alta HR comes with sleep stages powered by pure pulse heart rate. It automatically tracks your time spent in light deep and REM sleep and take steps towards a better night’s rest. You can follow all the basics, like steps, distance and calories burned and get friendly reminders to motivate you in your fitness goals. It also offers¬† notifications to your smartphone device which keeps you connected, and you can tailor your look for any occasion with interchangeable metal leather and classic bands.
Comes with a battery life of up to 5 days so, you can worry less about your tracker and focus more on your goals. Moreover, you can sync stats wireless to 200 plus leading smartphones and computers including iOS and Android.



The Garmin vivofit 4 features always-on customization color display and one plus year battery life. It also tracks steps, distance and calories burned, monitors sleep and provides a personalized daily step goal. Besides, you can periodically sync it to Garmin Connect where you can save plan and share your activities, get involved in social challenges and more. On the other hand it supports the Move IQ feature that automatically detects activity and classifies activity type on Garmin Connect. Moreover, it automatically captures a variety of activities such as walking, running, biking and more for you to check on Garmin connect. Another advantage is that, it includes tools to set alarms and timers, tools for checking the weather and finding your phone, which adds to the monitoring and security features.



The Fitbit Versa has smart track to recognize and record exercises for you automatically. It’s also water-resistant to 50 meters so you can use it to track swimming sessions or do other water based activities. It comes with a super light case and comfortable enough to wear all day and night. You can connect it to wireless Bluetooth headphones like Fitbit Flyer to take your music and workout experience to the next level. It uses “pure pulse continuous heart-rate” to better track calorie burn optimizations.¬† You can use the Fitbit coach to follow personalized video workouts that adapt to you and evolve your time. Another advantage is that, it has a small built-in NFC chip which helps you to make payments more easily without using your wallet. So basically you can carry your wallet on your wrist!



Holding the first place among the list of best fitness tracker, we have the Fitbit charge 3. It automatically records time spent in light deep and REM sleep stages and cease activity trans health insights also. It is swim proof and water-resistant to 50 meters so you can track swims and wear it in the shower. Besides, it connects a smartphone GPS for real-time pace and distance during outdoor runs. Moreover, it automatically synchronizes with computers and 200 plus Android iOS and Windows devices to show your statistics, trends and progress on your Fitbit dashboard. On the other hand, you can get real-time statistics during your workouts to see how you can keep getting better. Another advantage is that you can use 24/7 heartrate to get better tracking on your calorie burn optimize workouts and uncover health trends that inspire you to make moves on your health and fitness goals.


We Hope this Best Fitness watch Top 4 review for 2019 has helped you in someway or the other.

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