Best Gaming PC Build for Rs. 20000 (300$) 2019

We have to consider the fact that not all of us can afford a mid range gaming PC (figuratively the 35-50K bracket). But some people would like to do light gaming on certain PCs while being on a very tight budget. And by “very tight” i mean the Rs. 20000 “tight” . This Best Gaming PC build Guide will help those who just wish to run games like CS:GO, Fortnite and Overwatch. The emphasis on max settings and premium gaming experience will obviously be on the lower side.

NOTE : The prices listed below are from and can vary with time as we know, so its suggested that if possible, fetch the hardware from a local shop.

So, here is The Best Gaming PC Build for Rs. 20000 (300$) 2019

1. PROCESSORAMD (YD200GC6FBBOX) Athlon 200GE with VEGA 3 Graphics

PRICE : 4,500 INR (65.2$)

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  • To break this processor down in short, at the budget of 20K this will be your heart and soul when it comes down to the “gaming” part of this build. This is one of the most affordable AMD Zen based processor and the company claims it to be a competitor of the Pentium G4560. The integrated Radeon GPU (VEGA 3) along with the 2 Cores clocking at 3.2Ghz will sort out those light gaming sessions decently.


PRICE : 4,388 INR (63.5$)

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  • We decided to go with the A320M-S2H because lets face it! later on one would want to upgrade the components like RAM, a dedicated GPU and other “MOBO stuff” so this would be an ideal Motherboard to upgrade the rig in the future. This can push the build all the upto a Ryzen 7, has a two DDR4 DIM slots and also an M2 SSD slot. All in all a tight budget MOBO with a lot of flexibility.

3. STORAGEWestern Digital WDS240G2G0A 240GB

PRICE : 2,720 INR (39.4$)

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  • For Storage we picked the WD SATA III SSD (240GB). This will give you just the amount of space needed for a few games and some work related things(juuuuuust enough!). This will pair perfectly with the 4x6GB/s SATA III ports of the MOBO, but it is highly recommended to upgrade the storage in future ranging anything from a SSD+HDD combo to only HDD with loads of space depending on personal preference. For now this will set you on your budget ways!

4.PSU/POWER SUPPLYGigabyte GP-PB500 500W

PRICE : 3,300 INR (47.8$)

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  • Now, When it comes to PSUs we have to think about the brighter side about emptying the pocket. A 80plus bronze 500W will ensure this quite well. This PSU has turned out to be quite durable, and for future upgrades, chances are you get to keep this and change the other Hardware so might as well invest in something good and long lasting.

5. RAM/MEMORY Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3000Mhz

PRICE : 3,925 INR (56.8$)

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  • In terms of Memory we selected the one which is quite flexible when it comes to compatibility. This DDR4 RAM can work on both Intel and AMD MOBOs and is tested by the company across all major motherboards, so it can be relied upon. The 3000Mhz will give you the much needed juice to cope up with the ‘RAM intensive’ games and it will support the Zen Processor very well. Definitely the one to go for at this budget!

5. CABINET CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

PRICE : 1,954 INR (28.2$)

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  • This is where the prices goes up by about 800 INR, above the 20K mark. So if needed, you can swap this out for a micro-ATX supported cabinet, but we recommend to spend some extra pennies and get this. This beauty can hold micro,mid and ATX MOBOS with ease, with a decent room for customization as well. Comes with 1 x 120 mm RED LED rear fan and plenty of room for big upgrades in the future. The transparent side panel is also a good addition to this as you can later on show off your build. And if you really want to step it up and spend some more get the corsair carbide series 100R.

Radeon Vega 3 Graphics — AMD Athlon 200GE tested on GTA V 720p low settings :

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that shall be all!

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