Best Gaming PC build Rs.35000 (~500$) 2019

As the price brackets get tighter, the need for precise and optimum hardware purchases become ever so necessary. This is one such build range where every component needs to deliver its promised performances and work variations. So at the price of 35K (500$) this is a suggestive best gaming PC build. A few swaps can be done here and there, depending on personal preference and budget.

NOTE : The prices listed below are from  (“MD” for and “AZ” for . It is suggested that if possible, fetch the hardware from a local shop. The prices and links of the sites will be provided in case you don’t find the specific hardware in the other one.

So, here is the Best Gaming PC Build Rs.35000 (~500$) 2019

1.PROCESSOR – Amd Ryzen 3 1300X

PRICE : 6,699 INR ( 96.4$) (MD) |

  • When compared to the more priced Ryzen 2200G this processor performs well when paired with the same graphic card (say GTX1050 TI). Usually an output of 5fps more than the Ryzen 2200G is what we get on checking with the same rig on OC. Comes with a stock cooler which you may want to upgrade later on, but for now this will do well. Its compatibility with the motherboard we will use is great, and when paired with a budget graphic card like the GTX 1050 TI gives an average of 50+ fps in most games. Has a base clock rate of 3.4Ghz and a boost clock speed of 3.6Ghz for 4cores all together, which is easy to overclock on supported motherboards.


PRICE : 3,800 INR (54.7$) (MD) |

  • We could have gone for the Ryzen 1200 and B450 Combo but, the main issue as we researched is the heating, while overclocking Ryzen 3 on low tier motherboards, so we stuck to the A320M which is an all round good mobo for its price and features. This motherboard supports RAM overclocking without any issues, so it can be done easily by our ‘OC enthusiasts’ . Other than that, it is a pretty basic one with durable and decent performances when matched with the right Hardware.


PRICE : 12,150 INR (174.9$) (MD) |

  • This graphic card pairs well with the motherboard and processor and can run recent games at 50+ fps with decent graphic settings. EXOC stands for “Extreme Overclocking” , which is something you should only look into after upgrading your motherboard and CPU to a decent one and having some knowledge about it. In the meantime, it will serve its purpose quite well without EXOC also. This card can remain with you for future experiments when you wish to switch it out for something like a GTX 1070 or something similar.

4.RAM/MEMORYG.skill Ripjaw 8 GB 2666Mhz DDR4

PRICE : 3,550 INR (51$) (MD)

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  • Now for Memory we could have picked a 3000Mhz RAM but on Ryzen 3 1300x the max supported frequency for memory is 2667Mhz so it will automatically bring down the speed to this, or lower than this value. And since this motherboard does not support CPU overclocking, a need for a higher frequency system memory becomes nil. Having said that, the ripjaw will work very well with the rig and due to the max frequency of RAM supported by the CPU, it will give the optimum performance as well.

5.STORAGEWestern Digital WD10EZEX 1TB

PRICE : 2,975 INR (42.8$) (MD) |

  • There is not much to say here, since this should be your standard choice of Storage at this price range. 7200rpm with decent read/write speeds and a 1TB storage capacity will give you enough room for your work and games. Later on you may want to add an SSD to this storage for faster boot-ups and gaming storage.


PRICE : 3,100 INR (44.6$) (MD) |

  • After some calculation the estimated power consumption of the rig was around 400W. Now in such cases it is recommended to always pick a decent PSU over a cheap one and stay ahead of the overall power consumption by about 100 to 150W just to be safe. We selected this 500W 80+ bronze PSU which will cover your warranty perfectly and perfect for budget gaming. We would recommend to switch this out for a 650W EVGA or Corsair one, after you upgrade your rig to more power hogging Hardware, but for now, this will sort out the power management nicely.

CABINET – ANTEC NX100 with Transparent Side Panel (BLACK)

PRICE : 2,250 INR (32.4$) (MD) |

  • A very spacious cabinet with dimensions of 430 mm x 190 mm x 462 mm (DxWxH) makes it a great choice for this build. This will ensure you get what you pay for with its supported Motherboards with dimensions according to the ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX standards, Up to 7 expansion slots, VGA cards with maximum length of up to 350 mm, CPU-coolers with a maximum height of 155 mm & ventilated PSU compartment to keep the power supply cool. The large transparent side panel makes the view clear for the user as well, making it a good money value product.


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processor and cabinet suggestion credits : Tapan Acharya

that’s all friends!

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