Best Gaming PC Build Rs. 50000 (720$) 2019

This is the mid tier budget of 50K where you can free your arms a bit more. In terms of spending, and decent gaming experience this Budget bracket is generally suitable for casual gamers. Having said that, we still have to fine tune the Hardware purchases so that we get the value for our money. This guide will give you a decent idea as to where to look for while building a 50K ( 720$ currently) rig. Suggestive best builds helps to clear those doubts in mind and guides you to fetch the ‘Good Stuff’ !

NOTE : The prices listed below are from and can vary with time as we know, so its suggested that if possible, fetch the hardware from a local shop.

So, here is The Best Gaming PC Build Rs. 50000 (720$) 2019

1. PROCESSOR – AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (YD1600BBAEBOX)

PRICE : 12,799 INR (184.7$)

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  • The Ryzen 5 1600 comes with a stock cooler, 6 cores and 12 threads making it a great multi-threaded processor. It has a base clock of 3.2Ghz as compared to its “X” counterpart which has 3.6Ghz. This Processor falls in the same price bracket as intel I5-7500 and 7600K which lack the multi-threading feature making this, worth the money value. It also has an integrated GPU but a dedicated one is a must have for the gamers.


PRICE : 6,700 INR (96.7$)

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  • This Motherboard is a very decent one for its price. Why you ask? well AMD Crossfire’s Multi GPU Config is supported in this one, but it misses the NVIDIA SLI feature due to the limiting of PCI bandwidth. It has 4 DDR4 DIM memory Slots which allow lots of room for memory ugradation (max 64GB) with supportive frequencies all the upto 3200Ghz. A must have for AMD Rigs.

3. GRAPHIC CARDZotac GeForce GTX1060 3GB

PRICE : 13,950 INR (201.3$)

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  • This card goes toe to toe with the RX 480 and gives a bit more value for money than the 480. As we like to call it the Budget beast, and truly so as features like the Simultaneous multi-projection, VR ready, Nvidia Ansel, Nvidia GPU Boost 3.0, Nvidia G-Sync, Nvidia GameStream and Vulkan API will tell you. Pairs very well with the Ryzen 5 1600 and gives you great gaming experience.

4. STORAGE/HDD –  (i) Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB

PRICE : 3,202 INR (46.2$)

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  • This HDD consists of SATA 6GB/s which pairs well with the MOBOs 4xSATA 6GB/s slots, has an rpm of 7200 so its decently fast with a write speed of 150MB/s and a cache memory of 64mb. Not anything to be compared to an SSD but definitely recommended with 1. (HDD+SSD Combo)

(ii) STORAGE/SSD Western Digital WDS240G2G0A

PRICE : 2,799 INR (40.4$)

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  • At this budget we would recommend a SATA III 240GB SSD to go with the 1TB HDD to sort out the storage and disk read write speed all at the same time. Hence this WD product will serve the purpose quite well with its 6GB/s connector slot, which will pair with the MOBO quite well. Keep the OS in this to keep the bootup time the least.

5.PSU/POWER SUPPLYGigabyte GP-PB500 500W

PRICE : 3,300 INR (47.8$)

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  • When it comes to the power supply always pick a good one instead of a cheaper one. This PSU ensures the “good one” with a 80+ Bronze rating and 500 watts of efficient and silent power to your rig. Overall the perfect choice to go for, at this price range and wattage.

6. RAM/MEMORY Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3000Mhz

PRICE : 3,925 INR (56.6$)

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  • In terms of Memory we picked the corsair vengeance LPX 1x8GB, which is quite flexible when it comes to compatibility. This DDR4 RAM can work on both Intel and AMD MOBOs and is tested by the company across all major motherboards, so it can be relied upon. The 3000Mhz will give you the much needed juice to cope up with the ‘RAM intensive’ games as well as with your Ryzen 5 1600 to give out great performances.
  • It is Recommended however to get another RAM stick in the future for more RAM intensive games. Anywhere between 16 to 32 Gigs of memory will be fine.

7. CABINET Corsair Carbide Series 100R

PRICE : 3,099 INR (44.7$)

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  • This Cabinet is an excellent value for you money as stated in the Best PC build under 45000
  • The significance of it lies in the minimalist exterior features and good build quality and air flow control it provides. Also the fact that its decently spacious, has tool free mounting features along with decent space for mild cable management and a big transparent side panel, makes it a great choice for a mid tier build. You can also go for the Silent Edition of this variant.

GTX 1060 3GB + Ryzen 5 1600 Test :

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that shall be all!

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