Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs. 40000 (~600$) 2019

The knowledge of every price bracket becomes necessary while getting the perfect build for you. This price bracket comes just under the 40K (Rs. 40000) mark or, as we like to call it the ‘sweet spot’ for gaming/streaming in a budget. The hardware used can vary from person to person but, here we try to do the most optimum build by comparing it with products similar in price and specification and pick the lone prevailing one!

NOTE : The prices listed below are from and can vary with time as we know, so its suggested that if possible, fetch the hardware from a local shop.

The Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs. 40000 (~600$) 2019

1. PROCESSOR – AMD YD2200C5FBBOX 3.7GHz Socket AM4 Processor

PRICE : 8,031 INR (115.7$)

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  • On comparing it with the Ryzen 5 1600 in terms of benchmarks and price, the  result was that for 10fps, the price difference was about 4.7K (~67.7$) and since it is a budget build so we picked the price over the fps count. This APU can do mini wonders on its own with the integrated graphics, but obvoiusly a gamer needs a dedicated one! Later on you can save up the same amount and go for even higher tier CPUs like the Ryzen 7 which is supported in the MOBO that we will use in this build.

HERE IS A RYZEN 3 2200G vs RYZEN 5 1600 benchmark test to help you figure out the FPS:


PRICE : 4,867 INR (70$)

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  • This MOBO has the perfect specs for a Ryzen setup giving out great pairing benchmarks with the GTX 1060 3GB/6GB. Comes with two DDR4 DIM slots and a DDR4 boost with upto 3200(OC) support,  a PCIE X 16 slot, VR Ready, Audio boost and a max memory expansion of 32GB. So a decent purchase for your overall needs in a small package, namely the microATX form-factor to be precise.

3. GRAPHIC CARDZotac GeForce GTX1060 3GB

PRICE : 13,950 INR (201$)

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  • This will be the core of gaming when it comes down to the Fps count on this rig. As you may have noticed we are sticking to this card quite frequently and rightly so, because it is a budget beast, as we frequently state. It pairs very well with the MOBO and the Ryzen 3 220G with 0 bottlenecks and in the process utilizes the full potential of the rig. So definitely the card to use in most builds at this price range and the one to go for, when it comes to gaming on a budget.

4. STORAGEWestern Digital WD10EZEX 1TB

PRICE : 3,193 INR (46$)

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  • There is not much to say in this section. An overall good choice of Internal HDD is all than can be said about this product at the given price range. This should be your general selection when it comes to HDD at these price brackets (the 40 to 50K mark).
  • One thing that should be noted is that, later on try to fetch an SSD to go with this HDD. Trust us on the fact that SSDs are a time saver when it comes to accessing storage quickly! (a 120 to 240GB 6GB/s SATA III will work fine).

5.PSU/POWER SUPPLY – Corsair VS550 550W Active PFC 80 Plus

PRICE : 3,649 INR (52.5$)

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  • Corsair is decent in quality and price when it comes to PSU at low costs. They make it more clear with this VS unit PSU with 80+ bronze certification and other features like, the over temperature protection included along with over/under-voltage, short circuit, and over power protection. A 3-year warranty is not bad at all along with such protection coverage. Fits quite well in Mid tower ATX cabinets and is a crucial addition to any such mid tier budget build.

6. RAM/MEMORY Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3000Mhz

PRICE : 3,980 INR (57.3$)

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  • This is a general choice of MEMORY/RAM when it comes down to this price bracket. Unless it is direly necessary one should stick with a high frequency, good quality RAM like this one, especially for Ryzen setups, since they work well with high frequency RAMs. So to ensure all these, the vengeance LPX DDR4 8GB (3000Mhz) is used in this build to serve its purpose perfectly.

7. CABINET CHIPTRONEX X310B Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

PRICE : 1,954 INR (28.2$)

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  • This cabinet will fit the above Hardware list perfectly. It includes a RED LED 120mm fan which will be pleasing to the eye, along with other features such as mild cable management space and a side transparent panel to showoff your builds or just to keep an eye. All in all a decent budget cabinet with lots of space and future inclusions.