Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs.45000 (647$) 2019

As the games evolve and become more advanced, a need for a budget gaming build becomes ever so important. Since the prices of the PC hardware keep climbing also, there is a need to keep a check on them as well. This guide will help you to build a suggestive best gaming pc under Rs 45K (2019).

NOTE : The prices listed below are from and can vary with time as we know, so its suggested that if possible, fetch the hardware from a local shop.

So, Here is the Best Gaming PC Build Under Rs.45000 (647$) 2019

1. PROCESSORIntel 8Th Generation I3 8100

PRICE : 11,100 INR (159.5 $)

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  • Unlike the previous I3 series which used 2 Hyper-threaded cores, these Kaby Lake based I3s have 4 physical cores. This can alone stream movies up-to 4K resolution using Intel’s HD Graphics 630 subsystem. Also consists of dx12 and Open GL 4.5 making this baby the value for your money.

2. MOTHERBOARDGigabyte H310M-H

PRICE : 5,098 INR (73.2$)

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  • A low costing, durable motherboard which supports your 8th gen processors perfectly. If needed you can also upgrade this, all the way up-to i7 8th gen which gives it a decent flexibility along with a budget price.

3. RAM/MEMORYCorsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 LPX 2400MHz C16 RAM

PRICE : 3,892 INR (55.9$)

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  • This RAM is ideal for gamers, as this has automatic overclocking-settings paired with the motherboard (if your motherboard has such settings). This is ideal both, for those who want to do high performance overclocking or for the ones who just want to use it casually.

4. GRAPHIC CARD Zotac GeForce GTX1060 3GB

PRICE : 13,950 INR (200.5$)

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  • A mid range beast when combined with the I3 8100 gives great benchmarks on games like BF5 , NFS : Payback, GTA V and other popular franchises. The “gaming” part of this build is incomplete without this card. This will ought to hit the sweet spot of the buyers as it offers the value for money and an overall good rating when it comes down to the performance.

5. HDD Seagate Barracuda 1TB (ST1000DM010)

PRICE : 3,197 INR (45.9$)

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  • As compared to a WD product, this is faster for the same specs (sequential read/write speed) as several benchmarks will indicate, making it a very affordable and good HDD to have. 1TB of space should be decent enough for casual gamers to make use of. Definitely the one to go for at this price range.

6. PSU/POWER SUPPLYCooler Master 550W Power Supply (MPW-5502-ACABW-IN)

PRICE : 3,608 INR (51.8$)

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  • A good Power Supply to go with your Graphic Card. Silent yet efficient, this power supply can handle power surges and high power flows very well and makes a good addition to your build.

7. CABINETCorsair Carbide Series 100R

PRICE : 3,099 INR (44.5$)

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  • This model Provides decent space with a small fan controller for nice air flow, which is very important when you have a gtx1060 inside, grinding out those fps. This also has a tool free mounting feature for hard drives and optical drives along with a transparent side panel to show off your builds as well. There is also a choice for the silent edition which is optional and you can go for that as well.

NOTE : The prices of and amazon. in may vary. It is recommended to check the products separately by typing it in the domain to get the best prices in USD.

I3 8100 + GTX 1060 3GB tested across 17 games (1080p) :

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