Best Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Pokemons

The core gameplay mechanics in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are substantially the same as those in prior Pokémon games. Players acquire animals known as Pokémon by collecting and trading them, then use them to explore the environment and engage in battles with other Pokémon trainers. In this guide, I will show you how to choose the best Pokemon starter.


Best Starters In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet now out to the masses, there’s a particular question you have to answer as soon as you take the dive into battles.

You may have already pondered this to yourself over the months leading up to now, but with more information, has your mind changed on the age-old question? A question older than time itself, well at least as old as my time.

Which starter will you choose?

The choices between Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito.

  • Depending on your priorities as a player, each starter has its own strengths and weaknesses. 
  • While it won’t take long to find Pokemon of all three types, the starters tend to be a little bit more powerful and have greater potential than most Pokemon found in the wild.

We’ll cover our pick for the best of the three below, explaining weaknesses, strengths, and Final Evolutions. 

  • Also spoiler alert for some early game stuff and final evolutions.

Best Starter Type

Of course, each Pokemon is roughly as powerful as the other, though, of course, their types work against each other. Fire’s strong against Grass. The grass is strong against Water and Water is strong against Fire. But you probably already knew that. 

While it’s a close call, we’d say that for most players the best Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter is…wait for it…Fuecoco – the fire type “crocodile” Pokemon.

We say this for a few reasons.

  • Fire types are a little harder to find early on than other water and grass types which are pretty common. 
  • Also, the earliest gyms in the game are both weak to fire.
  • The final evolution of Fuecoco, Skeledirge is a powerful Fire-Ghost type, a unique combination in the game that renders it immune to normal-type attacks.

Other Great Types

As a close second, we would suggest Sprigatito, as the final evolution’s Dark type makes it immune to Psychic attacks. Obviously there’s no wrong answer and Quaquaval is stunning and fabulous in its own way.

Clearly, each Pokemon and its final evolution have different strengths and weaknesses due to their unique types. And they all have the ability to power up their primary type moves when on low health. So that also really helps getting out of a prickly situation.

If you’re still stuck on deciding which one to choose, let’s dive a little deeper.


As mentioned before, Skeledirge is a Fire-Ghost type and has a great special attack. So don’t go teaching it too many physical attacking moves.

  • Its gentle singing soothes the soul of all that is hearing and is actually based on a real-life Spanish folklore tale parents sing to their kids, about a crocodile eating them if they misbehave.


Next up is Quaquaval. It’s the final evolution of Quaxly and is a Water-Fighting type. It uses its high attack stat to slay its enemies and a single kick from this Pokemon can send a truck rolling.

  • Even though it’s called Quaquaval, it seems to be more inspired by carnivores and the peacock.
  • And by the way, male peacocks always have bigger feathers.


Meowscarada is the final evolution of Sprigatito and is a bipedal, feline, human-like Pokemon. It’s a Grass and Dark type Pokemon with a move called Flower Trick, which never misses and always lands a critical hit.

Yes, you heard that right.

  • It also has a very high-speed stat and seems to be based on a Magician.

For now, we found no way for starters to be caught within the same game, suggesting that the only way to obtain them, will be to trade with other players. So make your choice wisely and remember to comment too gamertagzero. For more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet content, till next time. Smell you later! 

Last Updated on November 25, 2022

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