Biomutant | Character Breeds And Attributes Guide

Today I am going to discuss All Character Breeds and Mutating Attributes in the game Biomutant. This game has been developed by Experiment 101 and produced by THQ Nordic. If you are excited about the release of this game then be sure to check out the full guide because this info will surely help you in the game.

Character Breeds And Attributes Guide For Biomutant

At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose nearly every aspect of the character you want to create including visual appearances through environmental resistances. You also get to select your breed which for all intentions is your race. You get to select your attributes also with the fur type and color of the critter you are choosing and finally your class. In this guide we are going to go through the first 2 major aspects in character creation, i.e. Breed and Attributes.

Biomutant Breeds

In Biomutant there are a total of 6 breeds you can choose from during character customization at the start. These are Primal, Dumdon, Rex, Hyla, Fip, and Murgel. These not only indicate your statistics but also the base body type of your character. Since Biomutant also has different classes, this means that some breeds work better with specific class types. Let us have a look at each of these different breeds and see what each does.


Primals have low melee damage and they are not much in the intellect segment either but I think they have the highest critical damage among all the breeds. This makes them more suitable for ranged combat than melee combat since they rely more on speed than raw power. You might recognize this breed from all the promos because this breed is featured in one of the promo videos.


Dumdon has the highest melee damage among all the other breeds but they lack in health and energy regen. This makes them suitable for melee combat but like the Primals, they are more suited for agile roles than straight-up tank ones.


The Rex breed is extremely well-balanced and is more of a jack-of-all-trades breed. Because it has relatively high health, melee damage, power ki energy, and energy regen. This allows them to play any class effectively and is a solid choice for new beginners.


Hyla has the highest health and armor of any breed in Biomutant making them tougher to kill than others. They have less power and ki energy than Rex breeds making them less suitable for classes that use Psionics and are more suited for ranged and melee attacks.


The Fip breed has the highest power, ki energy, and energy regen in Biomutant making them the perfect choice for a Psionics role. If you wanna play Mage in Bioutant then this is the perfect breed for you.


Murgel is similar to the Primal breed but they have less critical stat and are more of a trader breed with the highest barter stat. They also have the highest loot chance of any breed. Here in Biomutant a lot of things depend on the equipment you can have so picking a Murgel can be a blessing.

Mutate Character And Attributes

The next thing we are going to talk about is mutating your character by spending your attribute points. By default, you will have 28 in each attribute and 10 in luck which is not affected by character selection. You have a total of 150 attribute points however you cannot take any attribute below 10 which leaves you 90 points to distribute as you like. There are 6 attributes in Biomutant and each one affects the stats for your character. These are Vitality, Strength, Agility, Intellect, Charisma, and Luck. What’s interesting to note is that changing the attributes will change the character physically. Like choosing more Strength will make the character look buff while selecting more of intellect will make its head bigger etc. Let’s take a look at each of the attributes individually and see how each one affects your stats.


Vitality affects your health and armor. If you have higher health you will be able to take more hits before you die. Also, the armor stat does not change with Vitality as should be in real life. This offers you constant protection from enemy hits as you move along in the game.


Strength affects your melee damage in the game. You will want to have higher Strength if your focus is on melee damage in combat.


Intellect affects your power, ki energy, and energy regen. This means that having a higher Intellect will make you ideal for Psionic attacks. Power means more energy damage, ki energy means how much energy you have and energy regen stands for how much of the used energy you can replenish. This attribute signifies how much magic damage you can cause enemies and how often you can cast energy attacks.


Charisma directly affects your barter stat. This makes buying equipment cheaper and selling them more profitable. I don’t know how it affects your dialogue in the game yet but we can assume that it allows you to control NPC’s better.


Agility is a good all-around attribute to have for your character because your character speed depends upon it. In ranged and melee combats this can help you to avoid enemy attacks better and also allows you to move into attack positions quicker. Having a character that can move fast will definitely help against enemies.


You cannot change your Luck while creating your character but from what I have found out so far this helps you in a variety of situations like obtaining the best armor and weapons, increasing your loot chance, and enhancing your critical damage in the game.

In Biomutant you cannot have all of everything while spending your attribute points. That is to say, you can choose more of one attribute making you have less of another attribute. For example, you can choose more strength while settling for less charisma. How you spend your attribute points depends entirely on your playstyle and I would suggest you choose wisely.

Hope you enjoyed reading the contents of this guide. If this guide has helped you in any way, do mention it down in the comments. I would be coming up with a few more guides for Biomutant so stay posted with this site. You can also find previous guides on Biomutant here. Thank you for reading and all feedback is most welcome. Stay safe and take care always!

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