Biomutant | Combat And Skill Progression Guide

In this guide, I am going to be discussing the basics of Combat and Skill Progression in the soon-to-be-launched Biomutant. Please note that this is not a detailed or exhaustive guide and it has been prepared to keep the details we know so far from the developers, in mind. This guide should help you catch up with what you can expect from Biomutant scheduled to release on May 25th. Putting these facts away, let us now delve into this guide and have some fun!

The Basics Of Combat And Skill Progression In Biomutant


Let me talk about the combat aspect of the game. It looks totally awesome and it looks like the absolute highlight of the game. There’s a lot to it, as the developers of the game Experiment 101 have dubbed it. This a kind of martial-arts-themed style but it goes further than that. In combat, you can do ground attacks, jump attacks, and aerial combo juggles. Not to mention the variety of classes and breeds you get to experiment around with.

You can dodge left and right and switch weapons on the fly to hit enemies with different debuffs and attributes. Your combat abilities depend on the mutation (attributes) you choose, along with classes and breeds. It can get pretty complex with how it all directly affects combat. You have a martial arts style that seems like it dictates some move-sets. Then apparently your faction and your mutation give you different abilities in battle.

For ranged (weapon-wielding) characters, you will see them dive in slow-motion shooting two pistols at once. For faster melee characters you will see them zip around and teleport ninja-style slashing every enemy in a radius. And you will also find out some weirder stuff like the mechanical enhancements where you get a type of pinching claw and some bouncy bubble attacks. What this shows all of us, is that there is a ton of variation when it comes to combat. I am only scratching the surface because there are certain aspects you need to discover for yourself. Giving out all the details can cause major spoilers which I am trying to avoid in this guide!

Skill Progression

In Biomutant questing and defeating enemies nets you Experience Points that allow you to level up. The game promises that you will change and mutate over the course of the game thanks to exposure to this world. As you progress, there seem to be 3 big things you work on and change. Your character apparently picks up new mutations in the world by interacting with contamination spots you find. This is where you get the “Crazy and good stuff”. This is a plethora of abilities like burping out bugs or the bubble mucus thing I mentioned earlier, or the ability to grow things in and around the environment.

Sometimes these will give you changes physically like giving you a spiky tail. At times this can be mechanical augments. The mutations here are the core big changes. There is also Wushu which gives you new combat abilities and there are powers you can get like telekinesis or other magic-type abilities and perks. So as you can see with all the different combat abilities and skill sets you can totally have a unique playstyle!

I made this guide in the hopes to catch you early before you buy the game. I hope that this gives you a headstart about what to expect from the world of Biomutant. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this guide. We have a whole list of cool guides lined up for you so do keep an eye on us. Comments and feedback are most welcome. Always be happy and take care of yourself. Bye for now!

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