Bloons TD 6 | How to get XP fast

In this walkthrough for Bloons TD 6, we will show you how to get tower XP quickly, in the best possible way we came across. 

Best Way to Farm XP in Bloons TD 6

Knowing the optimal way to gain Experience means you can now efficiently outlast in the defense. We aim to achieve the same with some useful tips on how to do it.

How to gain tower XP

To unlock tower upgrades or tiers, you have to get tower XP.

  • You get a small amount of XP every round for each tower you have in your current setup.
    There are 2 factors you should keep in mind:
    • The more copies of a single tower you have deployed, the more XP you get.
    • Freeplay doesn’t give you as much XP as you would during the rounds before Freeplay

How to farm XP

First, we need to unlock Deflation on a beginner map (Monkey Meadow is the easiest as it’s the very first map). To do that complete the map on the “Easy Difficulty”, then “Primary Only” will be unlocked and we have to complete that one as well. After some time you should be finished with those. Now that we unlocked Deflation we can finally start earning some XP:

You will start with 20000$, now choose the tower you want to upgrade.

Put as many copies of the said tower near the track (This will boost the XP gain by a lot)

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You should consider saving for a cannon if the tower doesn’t have lead-popping power.  Put it in one of the 2 squares (If you are using Monkey Meadow). If not, make sure to put it somewhere around a loop.

If the tower doesn’t have camo detection, you might have to unlock a 0-2-3 wizard (You won’t need a cannon if you have the upgrades for the 0-2-3 wizard!)

At last, you don’t have to complete the map to gain the XP, you just have to complete it around.

Wait until you die and then enjoy your sweet XP.

Some useful tips

 If you have the upgrades for the Alchemist and the Ninja, place down a 4-0-1 Ninja and a 4-0-0 Alchemist.

You will neither need camo detection, nor lead-popping power. Make sure to not place any towers in the range of the alchemist because we only want the ninja to get buffed.

There will be around with camo leads and the ninja has to be the one buffed to complete the round, you might even be able to complete the map.

If you have any money left make sure to spend it on the tower you want to get XP on. Spend it on any upgrade

That will be all for this guide. If you have any general queries or suggestions, do let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on January 4, 2024

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