Borderlands 3 (BL3): How to get or farm Contained Blast

Wondering how to fetch yourself, the Contained Blast in BL3? We have you covered! You need to own the Bounty Of Blood DLC in order to farm this weapon. A formidable legendary Assault Rifle to own for the collectors as well as the new vault hunters out there.

Contained Blast Farm Location in BL3

  • The enemy you want to farm is Abbadoxis
  • The location is Ashfall Peaks in Gehenna
  • Here is the map location for Abbadoxis:
contained blast get farm map location
  • Make sure to hit the save station before entering the boss area.
  • In order to reach the Boss area, use two Green Jump pads located before the entrance, simultaneously.
  • Simply save quit after you kill Abbadoxis, and repeat the process until you ger Contained Blast or any other desired weapon or item.
  • Abbadoxis can be a bit of a pain to kill due to its damaging attacks. Use the correct build to make it easier.

Contained Blast Weapon stats

 ShreddedDouble Penetrating Gratifying
FIRE RATE5.77/s5.77/s

The Red Text reads “Put a lid on it”

Contained Blast Weapon Overview

The makers of this weapon are TORGUE. This weapon can drop in elemental as well as non-elemental form. You can use this weapon on any meta vault hunter build. It is a versatile AR and very high damaging even on TVHM mode at Mathem level 10. You can use it with a FL4K build or Raging Bear build for Moze, to name some. Definitely recommended for the main loadout and can be used to crowd control, singling out enemies, and even against bosses. That is will be all for this guide on getting or farming The Contained blast in Borderlands 3. Your suggestions/queries are welcome in the comment section below.

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