Borderlands 3 (BL3) | How to get or farm Convergence

The Fustercluck DLC has brought cool new legendaries in Borderlands 3. One of them is the Convergence Legendary Shotgun. In this guide, we will show you the drop location for it and how you can farm it as well. But before that, make sure you own the DLC4 for BL3.

BL3 – Convergence Farm location (Drop Location)

  • The boss that drops Convergence is Dr. Benedict.
  • The location is Benediction of Pain in Krieg’s Mind.
  • Here is the map location for Dr. benedict to farm convergence:
convergence farm and save location
  • Make sure to hit the save. As you can see it is a very short distance from the actual farm spot, so always save it before starting the farm.

Convergence Weapon Stats and Quote


The weapon quotes “At the summit, you will find yourself united.

This is a quote from the author Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, where he quotes these lines, along with this line: “For everything that rises must converge.”

Convergence Weapon Overview

This HYPERION Shotgun is formidable to keep and use. Each of its 3 pellets, upon impact, spawns more pellets. This multiplies the damage dealt times 3. If you calculate the damage properly, it stacks up to 9 times the damage. This is massive and it can shred enemies and bosses in a flash.
The weapon stays true to its name since the bullets converge while shooting. This weapon when paired with the Fade Away or Crit builds for FL4K, can deal with huge amounts of damage. You can two shots enemies even at mayhem level 10 with all the modifiers activated. A MUST HAVE for all the players out there. And we would highly recommend it for your main loadout as well. Do your own experiments and use it with your playstyle and builds.

That would conclude this guide. Do mention your queries and/or suggestions in the comment section  below, and we will see you in the next one!

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