Borderlands 3 (BL3): How to get or farm Flipper

This guide involves getting The Flipper Legendary SMG in BL3. You need to own the Bounty Of Blood DLC to farm this weapon.

Flipper is worth the grind time since it can do immense damage to enemies. If you are a Seasonal Pass owner, then also you can get DLC 3 to download.

BL3 – Flipper Farm location (Where to get)

NOTE: You can get the weapon drop from any named enemy within the DLC also.

The enemy that drops the Weapon consistently, is Minosaur. Minosaur is located in Bloodsun Canyon in Gehenna.

Here is the exact map location for Minosaur:

Flipper get or farm map location minosaur

Make sure to hit the save at the point shown above. That will make the overall time, less.

One thing to note is, that if you kill Minosaur on the Ledge placed High up, you will have a hard time fetching the drops.

Allow Minosaur to come down and then slay him. Alternatively, if you do kill him High up on the ledge, there is a big tree you can climb and then jump on the ledge to fetch your drops.

Carry a build that has speed boost mods and builds, to reach high ledges quicker.

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Flipper Weapon Stats


The Red Text reads “Put one foot in front of the other”

Flipper Weapon Overview

Since it is a MALIWAN weapon, it can drop in any element. The weapon shoots a lot of pellets that do massive damage to enemies.

The bullet count is 9, and other small pellets can be seen coming out from the weapon as well.

These cumulatively can melt enemies and Bosses in seconds with the correct vault hunter builds.

The weapon eats up ammo quickly, so make sure you have a build for ammo management as well.

Even at TVHM and Mayhem level 10, it destroys enemies. A definite weapon to keep in your inventory, and possibly as your main.

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Last Updated on January 4, 2024

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