Borderlands 3 (BL3): How to get or farm Frequency

The Frequency is a legendary shotgun in Borderlands 3, introduced with the Bounty of Blood DLC. In this guide, we will show you how you can own it as well. Having the DLC 3 is a must to get the weapon so make sure you do. We will also show the weapon quotes, overviews, and stats.

BL3 Frequency Farm Location (Drop Location)

  • The enemy that drops Frequency is Lectrikor.
  • Fast travel to the location Obsidian Forest – Crone’s Contentment in Gehenna.
  • Here is the exact map location for Lectrikor:
Frequency farm or get map location BL3
  • You need to break a green crystal wall to go into the main boss area.
  • If you find that you cannot break the crystal, you need to progress more in the main story to do so.
  • Hit the save location shown, and start farming.

Frequency Weapon Stats and Quotes


The red text reads “Hertz so good.”

As per our research, it’s a song title, which is by Kiwa, available on Amazon Music. We will update the post if it is otherwise.

Frequency Weapon overview

This MALIWAN legendary shotgun has a cool, red graphics look to it. The unique part about the weapon is that, upon kills, the fire rate stacks up and increases per kill. The stacks have a cooldown of a few seconds, so make sure you make it count quickly. Once you get the stack going, the weapon becomes a beast. The next bursts of fire, post-kill deal heavy damage to enemies.
We would definitely recommend it with a crit build or an ammo build. And it can be used at High-Level plays, even in TVHM mode. The only possible struggle can be, to get the initial kill. Once you have that out of the way, the weapon can wreak havoc.

That is all hunters!

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