Borderlands 3 (BL3) | How to get or farm Proprietary License

This guide is the “know-how” about the Proprietary License in Borderlands 3. Owning the Bounty of Blood DLC is a must to get this weapon currently. Among all the cool Legendaries added in the new DLC 3, this one, just like the others, will also catch your attention. We will also list the weapon stats and a brief overview of it, so keep reading…

BL3 – Proprietary License farm location (Drop location)

  • The enemies that drop The Proprietary License are Hydragoians.
  • The location is Obsidian Forest in Gehenna.
  • Fast Travel to Obsidian Forest – Crone’s Contentment.
  • Here is the map location to farm Proprietary License (Hydragoians):
Proprietary License get or farm bl3 map location
  • Just follow the path as it leads you. It will involve entering a narrow shaft, boosting up and dropping down in a waterfall.
  • But if you keep track of the map and go through the small shafts and holes, the location is straight forward.

Proprietary License Weapon Stats

FIRE RATE10.01/s

The Red Text reads “A little from column A, a little from column B”.

The text is a reference to the Restaurant menus in the “American Chinese” Restaurants from the mid 20th century. Here, customers were asked to pick one menu from column A and one from column B. This reference was also used in The Simpsons TV Show.

Proprietary License Weapon Overview

This HYPERION SMG has some unique perks which can be fun to use. Upon doing Headshots it ricochets bullets dealing damage to nearby enemies. Doing Bodyshots will stick the pellets and enable the sticky bomb feature. They will then blow up dealing more damage to the enemies around them. This can be a great option for crowd control as well.
You can simply spam the trigger and the burst fire will become Automatic fire without any delay in between shots. This means that the weapon being a burst fire type, can be used as an Auto Fire. We would definitely recommend this weapon with any meta vault hunter builds to melt enemies easily.

That will be all!

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