Borderlands 3 (BL3) | How to get or farm Stonethrower

Looking to own the Stonethrower in Borderlands 3? We will show you how to get it in this guide. But before that, you need to make sure you own the Bounty of Blood DLC. We will be showing a brief overview and the weapon stats and quotes as well.

BL3 – Stonethrower Farm location (Drop location)

  • The enemy that drops the Stonethrower is Kormash.
  • Kormash is located in Ashfall Peaks in Gehenna.
  • Fast Travel to Ashfall Peaks – Caldera Stronghold to make it your Spawn Point.
  • Here is the map location for Kormash:
Stonethrower bl3 farm location
  • Hit the save location before dropping down to the main boss area.

Stonethrower weapon stats and quote


The red text quotes “Everywhere is nearby”

This is a direct quote from the book called Emerson’s Story.

Stonethrower weapon Overview

This JAKOBS Auto-Rifle comes in non-elemental form only in its current state. The weapon has penetrating bullets, so you can land a multishot with a single bullet if the enemies are lined up. Unlike other JAKOBS weapons, this one does not ricochet bullet when you land a Headshot. The bullet ricochets when you land a body shot.
Since the weapon does decent damage, we would recommend it for high-level plays, but with the correct build only. Singling out bosses can be difficult at times, but if you go in with a FL4K crit build, that can be dealt with.

That shall be all for this guide on getting the Stonethrower Legendary AR in Borderlands 3. Do some experiments with different builds and find the right one for your playstyle. We are open to questions and suggestions in the comments below.

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