Borderlands 3 (BL3): How to get or farm The Spade

Want to get the Spade Legendary Shotgun in Borderlands 3? We will show you where to farm it, the weapon stats, and a short overview for it as well. But before starting the grind, make sure you own the Bounty of Blood DLC 3. Without the DLC 3, this farm will not work.

Spade farm location in BL3 (Where to get)

  • The enemy that drops The Spade is Waylon Hurd
  • The location is Obsidian Forest in Gehenna.
  • Fast Travel to Obsidian Forest – Crone’s Contentment.
  • Here is the map location for Waylon Hurd:
  • Make sure to hit Save before starting the farm to make it easier.

The Spade Weapon stats


The Red Text reads “Lucille, God gave me a gift.”

The Spade Weapon Overview

This TORGUE weapon comes in 4 variations in terms of the number of pellets per shot. X4 and X5 consumes 1ammo/shot | X8 and X10 consumes 2ammo/shot.  The weapon projectiles are called Gyrojets which penetrate the target, leaving sticky bombs on all enemies they penetrate or pass through. You can eat through enemies easily with this weapon. Keep in mind not to fire too close, since it deals splash damage due to bomb explosions.
Highly Recommended for your main loadout, especially with a Moze Build or an FL4K Crit build or any meta Amara build. Even at high Mayhem Levels, it does serious damage to enemies all around. Even Single bosses can be dealt with if you shoot all the pellets near their base or foot. The same cannot be said for airborne Bosses and enemies of course.

That will be all for this guide on getting or farming The Spade Legendary Shotgun in Borderlands 3. Do your own experiments with the weapon and let us know if you come across any creative ideas to use the weapon. We are open to questions and suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

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