Borderlands 3 – Box Art Leak?


Just Hours before the big announcement drops from the Borderland 3 team, a buzz is going on that The Box Art along with the Different Editions it offers, have been Leaked.

And as we confirmed it is indeed true. The Confirmation of whether or not it is real or fake has been cleverly brushed aside by The Borderlands 3 Devs saying “This sure looks neat! Guess we all better tune in tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. PT to find out if it’s real… “.

Be it fake or Real, the Box art sure look neat af! Well Having said that, lets look into some of the features which it has and the “So called”Actual Leaked Box art itself.

The Cover Art look really neat Even if this a photo-shopped fan art, the people are not at all displeased or let down by it. Yes, for some, this may initially come in as a pre-release shocker!


That Cover art is followed by a Deluxe Edition Box Art Leak which is also expected from the Borderlands 3 Devs. These things make one wonder if its real or fake, but those eyes surely light up seeing these first hand.


Another amazing Leak comes in the form of Super Deluxe Edition Leaked Box Art. Pleasing to the eye and really makes you want to buy it straight away!


If this Box Art is true then the fan and the players looking to get this are in for some surprising treats. What we can see is a list of inclusions from the Collectors Editions:

  • Diamond Loot Chest Replica
  • Sanctuary 3 Snap Model
  • 10 Character Figurines
  • 5 Character Art lithographs
  • 4 Vault Key-chains
  • Cloth Map Of the galaxy
  • Borderlands 3 game
  • Steelbook Case
  • Season Pass
  • Deluxe Bonus Content
  • Gold Weapon Skin Pack

Now whether or not these leaks are real, will be a thing that the Devs will tell us shortly enough. But it is receiving an overall positive response from the fans as we write this article.

Some are Getting shocks while others are taking it as a pleasant surprise. But one this is Certain. The Borderlands 3 Team will soon announce some big news regarding the release date and the contents. And there are even, Leaks that its coming on the 13th of this month! But we will just have to wait and see if its real or just a April Fool’s Gimmick!


Thats all friends!


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