Borderlands 3 | Brick Gets Stuck Fix

How to fix this glitch in the game where Brick is getting stuck in BL3 ?


As vast as the game is, there is a lot to take in when it comes to Bl3. Among all the amazement, We came across a glitch where Brick is getting randomly stuck at different places.


So the question is how to fix this Brick glitch ?


Brick Gets Stuck Fix 1:

The first fix has to do with loading saved data. But you need to make sure you activate every checkpoint you find. If you do, then just quit to main menu, invite your friends back if you are in a party or go in solo, load the same map again.

You will find that you get loaded to the nearest checkpoint and the Glitched Brick is now fully operational and ready to make progress.


Brick Gets Stuck Fix 2:

Another way to bypass this glitch is if you go into a nearby area where there are enemies. Just engage with them, kill them and comeback to Brick. We personally tried this and found out that Brick was operational after this. Now you can just let him help you open doors and progress in the game.



In conclusion, there is a lot of Bugs and Fixes still to do for Gearbox in the game. Until they do, We have to find some workarounds to progress in the game. And that will end this short “Brick Gets Stuck” Fix for BL3.

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