Borderlands 3 | Flakker Farm guide and drop location

If we talk about overpowered weapons in Borderlands 3, The Flakker Legendary shotgun comes among them. So much so that Developers had to nerf this weapon to make it more balanced in their words.

But the Flakker is still a considerable force against enemies and definitely one to keep in your main loadout. However farming this weapon can be tricky and confusing at times, so a little help regarding its drop location along with a few tips, will go a long way.

Flakker Guide Borderlands 3

The Flakker Drop Location

You need to farm Manvark for this weapon drop. He is located in Konrad’s Hold on Pandora. Here is the Map location for Manvark:

the flakker farm location

The Drop chance for flakker or any other legendaries from Manvark is 10%. Since it shares the dedicated loot pool with the other two legendaries, you have a 1/3rd chance to get the flakker drop.

An Exclusive Drop that you can currently get from Manvark is the Trick Headsplosion. So if you want this weapon along with flakker you are in luck.


After you kill Manvark for the first time, go into the Slaughter Shaft. It should be located just beside the drop location area shown on the map.

Now Interact with any one of the vending machines (Purchase or sell anything).

Come back out of the Slaughter House into Konrad’s hold. Then just save and quit to the main menu.

Now if you continue your game you should spawn near the farm location. Simply rinse and repeat the process of quitting, loading and farming, until you get the desired weapon.

Suggestive Weapons to use 

A Brainstormer will help in damaging the flying enemies by chaining shock damage. Even though it is shock type it works just fine for this farm. If you want to know how to get one, here is how to get the Brainstormer.

You can use Amara’s Incendiary elemental build along with a dastardly maggie to do massive damage to enemies.

An Incendiary Skeksil pistol or Incendiary Cutsman will also ensure massive damage and quick work of the enemy.

Note that these are just suggestive weapons. You can always use any weapon of your choice. Make sure the weapon damage matches the elemental weakness of the enemy to do the optimal damage.

Weapon Stats

Damage: 908×3

Accuracy: 52%

handling: 58%

Reload Time: 2.1s

Fire Rate: 0.47/s

Magazine Size: 1

If you have any questions or suggestions do let us know in the comments below. With that, we will conclude this guide on getting the Flakker in BL3. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on October 24, 2022

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