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How to get guaranteed Legendary weapon early in BL3??


About the guide :

This Guide includes some tips and tricks to get A Legendary Weapon called the Mind-Killer Early in the game. It is a guaranteed drop by doing it over and over again and soon the boss will drop the coveted Legendary Shotgun. To know how to do that keep on reading…


Legendary Weapon details : Mind-Killer

The Mind-Killer is a shotgun which shoots sound waves, and it deals a massive amount of damage to the smaller ads, instantly killing them with one shot. You will get this MALIWAN weapon without any elemental damage, whereas MALIWANS are known for their elemental weapons. So this is a unique legendary weapon in itself. Lets see how it looks with some of its Stats :



How to get Mind Killer Legendary Weapon ?

You will obtain this weapon as a random drop from the Mouthpiece Boss, who comes right after you do the first main mission. What you want to do to make this drop as frequent as possible and less grindy is load at the checkpoint right before you enter the boss arena. We will tell you how!



How to get Mind Killer Legendary Weapon step 1:

After you encounter him for the first time, go back to lilith. What you want to do is go back to this boss arena again. So Fast Travel to Ascension Bluff.



How to get Mind Killer Legendary Weapon step 2:

After You loaded this, get a ride to the Broadcast Center :

You can ignore the enemies and just march forward. It is however, recommended to kill all the enemies and fetch the extra loot and XP for a more efficient approach and game progression.



How to get Mind Killer Legendary Weapon step 3:

When you reach the checkpoint, after going through this, do not go into the arena just yet! Double check your inventory so that you have some space to pick up the loots dropped by Mouthpiece and sell them in the Vending machine before commencing forth.







How to get Mind Killer Legendary Weapon step 4:

To make this run easier, a helpful build will be using FLAK with Guerillas in the Mist skill tree combo with Fadeaway. The amount of damage this build can dishout is very decent so you should have less trouble in taking down mouthpiece. Guaranteed Crit hits for 8secs can do wonders in BL3 so…


How to get Mind Killer Legendary Weapon step 5:

 You need to do a few runs to get this weapon to drop. A typical grind can get you even two Mind-Killers in a few runs. What you would want to do is Kill the boss and collect the loot.

After you do that, quit the game to Main Menu. Do not worry as the game will save automatically after you kill the boss and collect loot.

Go back in with your peeps or go in solo, Load up Ascension Bluff, and if you did things right, you should see yourself spawning in a place, right before you enter the boss arena. Sell the things you do not need at the vending machine if you want. And get to killing mouthpiece again!

You will also get some iridium everytime you kill the boss, which you can later use to purchase a handful of cool skins. Not to mention the extra 2000+ XP you get for killing him everytime!


Rinse and repeat as much as you want, and farm as many legendaries as you can.


That will conclude this Guaranteed Legendary Weapon drop guide for BL3. Get em early in the game and go all guns blazin’ .

Thanks for reading!


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