Borderlands 3 | Guaranteed Loot Tink Farm (Post patch)

How to Farm Hoarder Tink For Legendaries in JAKOBS  STATE even after patch ?


So, after the recent nerf on the spawn of Hoarder tink who dropped legendaries in Bl3, the chances of him spawning and dropping a legendary has been greatly reduced. But in this guide we will show a workaround for that. This will help you to get him to spawn every time and farm him as much as possible.

The basic thing you want to do is progress in the game far enough, so that you have JACOBS STATE unlocked in Eden-6.


How to Farm Hoarder Tink for Legendaries Step 1 :

The first and foremost thing you want to do is :

Start the game without the internet connection. Please note that IF you start the game with the internet ON, or turn it ON in mid game, this will not work.

If you Do Turn it ON while the game is running, restart the game by turning off the internet connection first.


How to Farm Hoarder Tink for Legendaries Step 2 :

Map location :


After Finding and Killing The Hoarder Loot Tink OFFLINE, Just collect the loots, save the game and quit to main menu.


How to Farm Hoarder Tink for Legendaries Step 3 :

Now go ONLINE, load the map and if you did things right, you should spawn near the Looting area with the Hoarder Loot Tink spawning in-front of you. Farm him like this and do this until you get what you want.



And that will conclude this Legendaries loot Tink guide for BL3 even after Patch!

Note that it has worked for all the players we have come across so far, who have done it right. Cash in on this and farm as much legendaries as possible.

Thanks for reading!


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