Borderlands 3 – How to farm Loot Skritaari Location

Published: March 27, 2020 | Last Updated On: July 18, 2021

Wondering where to farm new Legendary World drops from? Loot Skritaaris is your answer! Let us take a look at where we can find it. But before proceeding with the guide make sure you Own the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC. Without that, this farm would not be possible in the first place.

Loot Skritaari Farm Location

What is Loot Skrit?

Loot Skrits are a very rare sight and can only spawn from Loot Portals. When the Loot Skrit is killed, they spill out a large quantity of cash, Eridium bars, weapons, and items including that of the Legendary rarity. You can find this in BL3 via the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC.

Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock (also known simply as Guns, Love, and Tentacles) is a downloadable content pack for Borderlands 3. It adds a new story campaign, new locations, and new enemies. This DLC was officially announced on February 27, 2020, and was released on March 26, 2020. It is included with the Borderlands 3 Season Pass and is available for individual purchase for US$14.99.

Loot Skritaari Location

  • Loot Skritaaris is located in Cursehaven on Xylourgos.
  • Travel to the station called the Cursehaven – Withernot Cemetary.
  • Here is the exact map location for Skritaaris:
Loot skritaaris location BL3
  • Simply go straight, head two stairs upwards towards the right, and between two walls, you should find the Loot chest.
  • All the world drop you can get along with the new weapons can be acquired by farming Skritaaris. Note that he will not spawn every time, so it can take you some tries before he spawns from the Loot chest.
  • Different players have different locations to farm their respective Legendaries. This is just a suggestive location to make the farm easier.

Also, take note that they can pop out of any of the Chests as the one you will find in the above location. with that being said, we shall conclude this guide on finding and farming The Loot Skritaaris in Borderlands 3’s new DLC called Guns, Love, and Tentacles.

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