Borderlands 3 | How to farm or get Complex Root

This guide involves the Location to farm Complex Loot Legendary weapon in BL3. Getting it means knowing the boss’s location as well. We will show that in this guide along with the weapon stats and a brief overview. But make sure you have the Bounty of Blood DLC updated and installed to follow this guide.

BL3 – Complex Root farm location (Drop location)

NOTE: You can get it as a world drop from any named enemy in the Bounty for Blood DLC

  • The enemy that drops this weapon consistently, is Lani Dixon.
  • She can be found in Ashfall Peaks on Gehenna.
  • here is the Map location for Lani Dixon to farm Complex Root:
get or farm complex root bl3 map location
  • Come from your spawn location and hit the save. That is important to save time on the overall process to get the weapon.
  • The “shortcut” you see in the above image can be used to travel to Lani Dixon the quickest.
  • Doing it can be quite tricky. You need to use a character to speed boost you to the ledges and over to the boss area. One suggestion would be to use Amara along with any speed build.
  • If you are unable to do the shortcut method, simply follow the normal route shown.

Complex Root Weapon stats


The Red Text reads “Your brain is a creative computer”

Complex Root Weapon Overview

The weapon is made by MALIWAN and is a very formidable Sniper Rifle. When you shoot it, it will spawn ricochet rounds. These rounds deal massive amounts of damage to enemies and can melt them in seconds. It can be used for singling out Bosses as well as for crowd control. The weapon drops in all elemental forms as well.
The only catch with it is that it also ricochets backs to the user, dealing large damage to them. Our best tip to use this weapon will be from behind covers. The ricochet rounds are random and go in any direction. Definitely recommended for the main loadout since it can destroy enemies even at mayhem level 10.

That is all!

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