Borderlands 3 | How To Farm or Get Disruptor

If you want to get your hands on The Disruptor Legendary Sniper in BL3, you need to have the Director’s Cut DLC. The DLC is free for all Season 2 Pass owners and sold separately for other players. Hence, before getting on with the guide, make sure you have it in the first place.

How To Farm/Get The Disruptor

The Disruptor is dropped from Hemovorous The Invincible and The Seer. The Hemovorous Mission/Raid is instant but it will cost you 500 Iridium. The Seer Mission on the other hand is free, but the mission is pretty lengthy, so you must pick wisely. My personal suggestion would be to go for the Raid boss. For your reference, I will put up the Raid Mission and The Seer Mission locations in Sanctuary III:

You should find The seer Mission in Ava’s Room and Hemovorous Raid inside Claptrap’s Room respectively.

About The Disruptor (Stats and Info)

Mayhem Level 10
Critical Hit Damage+21%
Weapon damage+399%
Reload Speed Bonus+33%
Melee Damage+8%
Weapon Zoom5.3x

The Weapon Text Reads “I can bring you in warm, or… not at all”. This is a reference from “The Mandalorian” currently available on Disney+

Weapon Overview and Tips

This is a JAKOBS weapon, and just like others, this one comes in non-elemental form only. A Trademark JAKOBS weapon I should say. The uniqueness of the weapon comes from not its bullets, but the melee damage it deals with. The weapon gives out Shock damage with a base value of about 10K. One other thing to note is that this weapon does amp damage. It completely ignores the blue bars and shields and goes straight for the enemy’s health bar. Quite the handy gun against tanky blue bar enemies.

I would suggest that you pair this weapon with FL4K Crit Build (Fade Away) or any other heavy damage and confirmed crit build. The weapon is decent for dealing with crowds and mobs. For bosses, it does fine, but I have seen better weapons that deal a large chunk of damage to the bosses at the same time. I will take nothing away from the weapon and it is totally usable at Mayhem level 10 also. Do let me know if you have any unique builds and/or ideas in mind. Thanks for reading and I will see you at the next one!

Last Updated on April 9, 2021

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