Borderlands 3 | How to farm or get The Blanc

Know all about, how to get The Blanc in Borderlands 3. In order to fetch this weapon, make sure you own the Bounty of Blood DLC in the first place. You can then proceed to your legendary weapon adventure, to get it. We will also show you the weapon stats, the quoted text, and the weapon overview.

BL3 – The Blanc farm location (Drop Location)

  • The boss that drops The Blanc is Ipswitch Dunne.
  • The location is The Blastplains in Gehenna.
  • Here is the map location for Ipswitch Dunne:
The blanc farm bl3 location map
  • Make sure to hit the save before starting the farm.
  • There is a shortcut to reach the farm location also. simply keep going up the ledges located to the right of the save location.
  • Go up the ledge into Frack Mesa.
  • Keep going to your right and up the Hut roof, which will eventually lead you to the Farm location.
  • If you find it hard to navigate, follow the normal route.

The Blanc Weapon Stats


The red text reads “This machine unerringly arrives at the truth”

This is a direct quote from the Movie “Knives Out” where the Character, Benoit Blanc, says the quoted words.

The Blanc Weapon Overview

This DAHL weapon has a cool greenish look to it which certainly catches the eye. The unique part about the weapon is its stacking power. Each time you shoot a bullet, it counts towards 1 stack. But the stack does not come into effect until you change the weapons’ firing mode.
One easy way to deal with this confusion is emptying your single fire clip, and when you reload, switch the firing mode to burst and use the awesome damage power.
The weapon is definitely recommended for high-level plays. The single-mode also does decent damage to enemies. The standout, however, is its stack damage. Use it with any meta vault hunter build, and have fun using The Blanc!

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