Borderlands 3 | How to Farm Trick Unforgiven guide

If you want to own a unique Legendary Pistol in Bl3 then the Unforgiven can be worth your farm. It can drop with a variety of prefixes, but the Trick Unforgiven should be the pick of the lot. This weapon can, however, be obtained from any world drop. But since it has been added to a dedicated drop pool, you can now pinpoint your farm.

How to Farm Trick Unforgiven in BL3

Trick Unforgiven Drop Location

  • It is dropped from Indo Tyrant, as part of its dedicated loot drop pool.
  • He can be found on Eden-6, in the Voracious Canopy.
  • After loading up the Voracious canopy, go through the door of Floodmoor Basin.
  • Here is the weapon drop/farm location for Indo Tyrant in Floodmoor Basin:
indo tyrant map location 2
  • Like other dedicated loot drops, the unforgiven also shares its drop with two other legendaries. so 10% chance of getting a legendary to drop, and an overall 1/3rd chance of getting the Unforgiven. Note that the Indo tyrant is a rare spawn itself so the farm can get hectic at times.

Suggestions/Tips for the farm

  • The Indo Tyrant is prone to incendiary damage. So use any high damaging incendiary mods and weapons to make quick work.
  • anything like the Cutsman, Dastardly maggie, Skeksil Pistol, or a weapon of your choice should do the job.
  • Have any of your friends find and kill Indo tyrant, while playing with you. That way, Indo Tyrant will be added to your Bounty Board in Sanctuary III. You can farm him from the bounty board afterward, making him a guaranteed spawn rather than a rare one.

Trick Unforgiven | Weapon stats and overview

  • Damage: 1053
  • Accuracy: 63%
  • Handling: 54%
  • Reload Time: 1.9s
  • Fire Rate: 1.21/s
  • Mag Size: 6

The Trick Unforgiven is farm-worthy due to its 432% critical Hit damage. This means that it can one-shot enemies easily on critical hits. If you can pair this with a Meta Beastmaster build, you can melt enemies in seconds. One downside to this weapon is its slow Fire Rate and weak crowd control. Definitely recommended to take down large single enemies, but we do not recommend it for large crowd control. The usage is based entirely on preference, so experiment around until you find the one which suits your play style.

If you have any general questions or suggestions, make sure to reach us via the comments below. That will conclude this guide on farming the Trick Unforgiven in BL3.

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