Borderlands 3 | How To Get Brainstromer

This guide will involve the drop location, farm method, and a brief overview of the Legendary Brainstormer Shotgun. There are quite a few legendary shotguns in BL3. But what makes this one special is its ability to chain Shock damage to nearby enemies. This enables a massive potential for crowd control, massive knockbacks for normal enemies and mini-bosses, and an overall great weapon to keep as a primary.

Brainstormer farm location

  • The brainstormer is dropped from Katagawa Ball. Since this weapon is a part of its dedicated drop pool.
  • We highly recommend doing this farm on Mayhem 4.
  • He is located on Skywell-27 in Promethea.
  • Here is the map location to farm Katagawa Ball:
katagawa ball location
  • You can also get it as a random world drop from bosses and mini-bosses. The only dedicated drop pool is from Katagawa ball along with two other legendaries. The Drop rate for the Brainstormer is 10%. But since the dedicated loot pool is shared with two more legendaries, you have a 1/3rd chance of dropping the Brainstormer from the boss.

Brainstormer Stats

  • 514 DMG/ sec (Shock) | 7% status chance
  • Damage: 326×7
  • Accuracy: 65%
  • handling: 75%
  • Reload Time: 2.3s
  • Fire Rate: 2.36/s
  • Mag Size: 6

Suggestions/Tips to defeat Katagawa Ball

  • Initially, Katagawa will have a yellow bar shield. Use any corrosive weapon to eat away at that yellow bar shield. One suggestion will be to use a Corrosive Lucian’s call or a Cutsman of Corrosive type.
  • The next thing which you will have to deal with are the two Blue shield bars. You can use any shock damage weapons or grenade mods to melt that with ease. If you want to deal damage with grenades, we recommend using Hex grenades.
  • You can also use a Cutsman of Shock damage type to deal damage after the yellow bar shield has been depleted.
  • If you do not have any of the above weapons or mods, you can use any weapon available to you which matches the damage of the shields.

please note that these are merely suggestive tips. you can always find unique ways to defeat the boss. With that being stated, we will conclude this Brainstormer farm guide and location in BL3. We are open to suggestions and general questions. Do let us know in the comments down below regarding the same.

Thanks for reading!

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