Borderlands 3 | how to get Cutsman and Sawbar location

A short guide on getting the cutsman and sawbar in BL3

After the latest Maliwan DLC update in BL3, dedicated loot pools have been added to certain enemies. Before this update, getting the coveted Cutsman was random, from any boss or mini-boss. Now you can farm it from a specific mini-boss. In this guide, we will show you how to do that.


How and where to get the sawbar and cutsman

binary mocking cutsman

  • Both the sawbar and the Binary Mocking Cutsman can now be farmed from Borman Nates.
  • We recommend doing the farm in Mayhem 3. This is because along with the legendary weapons, you increase the chances of other wanted world drops.
  • The spawn of Borman Nates is rare. Just keep resetting the game by going back to the main menu and loading in again, until you get him to spawn in the location.


What is the location of Borman Nates (sawbar and cutsman farm location)

  • He is located in the Meridian Outskirts, in Promethea.
  • Here is the exact map location for ease of reference:

borman nates location cutsman and sawbar

  • Grab a vehicle from the spawn location and ride it, all the way up to Borman nates.
  • Use any of the meta vault hunter builds to melt him down in seconds.
  • And that should be enough to fetch you your Sawbar and/or Cutsman.


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