Borderlands 3 – How to get or farm Anarchy

Want to stack heaps of Damage in Borderlands 3? We have you covered with The Anarchy Legendary Shotgun in BL3. Make sure to get the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC to farm this weapon.

Anarchy farm and drop locations (potential enemies to farm)

  • You can get the Anarchy Legendary Shotgun as a World Drop in the DLC expansion.
  • There are certain enemies who you can farm to pinpoint your grind further.
  • One of them can be the SKRITAARI in Xylourgos.
  • You can also farm this weapon from the enemies TOM and XAM in the Heart’s Desire map.
  • One other boss you can kill is the Empowered Grawn in Negul Neshai

You do not need to be on ANY mayhem level to get this drop. You can simply farm this as a world drop, or kill/farm any enemy you enjoy grinding out.

The Anarchy Weapon Stats and Overview

  • Damage: 59×13
  • Accuracy: 49%
  • Handling: 61%
  • Reload Time: 2.0s
  • Fire Rate: 1.89/s
  • Magazine Size: 8

The red text reads “the stacks… THE STACKS!”. The weapon comes from the manufacturers called the TEDIORE. It can drop in any random elements and packs quite a punch when it stacks damage. Once the damage stacks up, it will indicate you with a glow around the weapon. The best way to use this weapon is to not throw reload it.

Simply empty the magazine to 0 and let it auto-reload to keep stacking damage. Definitely recommended to keep as the main weapon, and make quick work of most enemies. Also, there are certain builds that increase magazine size for your weapons so make sure to try them out as well.

If you need any help regarding the article or got any general queries, make sure to leave a comment below. With that being said, we shall end this guide on getting or farming Anarchy Legendary Shotgun in the new Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3.

That is all. Thanks for reading!

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