Borderlands 3 – How to get or farm Backburner

The latest update in Borderlands 3 (Bl3) has brought a new Takedown in Guardian Breach. Getting or Farming Backburner can be worth the time and effort for such Takedowns. It has great potential for crowd control and boss damage. In this guide, we will take a look at how we can farm it. Take note that you can only do this farm at Mayhem level 6 or above. So make sure you increase your mayhem level before starting the farm.

How to get the Backburner Rocket Launcher (farm location)

  • The boss that drops the Backburner is Agonizer 9000.
  • The location is Guts of Carnivora in Pandora.
  • Here is the map location for Agonizer 9000:
agonizer 9000 map location bl3
  • Make sure to hit the save location. The distance is quite short from the respawn location so your farm can be a bit easier.
  • Agonizer 9000 is a tanky boss. And since you will be playing on mayhem level 6+, we recommend going in with a party and/or taking your best builds and meta vault hunters.

Backburner Weapon Stats

  • Damage: 16903
  • Accuracy: 50%
  • Handling: 44%
  • Reload Time: 3.3s
  • Fire Rate: 0.77/s
  • Magazine Size: 8

The red text reads “We’ll get to it eventually.”

Backburner Weapon Overview

The weapon is a VLADOF manufacture. It shoots out Lob projectiles which, upon impact, does explosive damage and creates a singularity. When the singularity damage ends on hitting an enemy, it creates small balls that follow the law of gravity, and they come down dealing even more damage.

You need to make sure you hit the first, initial Lob Projectile. If that misses, none of the above effects will happen. One suggested way to use it, is with Amaras’ Singularity build. You can easily figure out how to fire it after you lock in your enemy in her singularity. A great weapon for crowd control and for bosses as well. make sure to use it with the correct builds to use it optimally.

To conclude, it is definitely recommended for the main loadout with the correct builds. Experiment around and make your own builds. Do let us know if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the post. With that, we shall end this guide on farming or getting the Backburner Rocket Launcher in Borderlands 3.

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