Borderlands 3 – How to get or farm Cocky Bastard

Wish to get your hands on the Legendary JAKOBS Sniper Called Cocky Bastard in BL3? We have you covered, with its potential farm locations. We will also show you the Cocky Bastards’ stats and a brief overview of the weapon. But before going forth, make sure you own the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC.

Cocky Bastard Farm Locations (Loot Chest/Drop Locations)

  • As per the current state of the drop, You can only get Cocky Bastard from specific Loot chests.
  • These Loot chests, of course, should be from the Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC.
  • Some of the Effective Loot Chest sources to Farm Cocky Bastard are:
  • The Higher the Difficulty, the more chances of getting an anointed version. So make sure you are on Mayhem 4.
  • Carry your best builds and weapons to make the grind easier.

Cocky Bastard Weapon Stats


The Red Text Quotes “Great, kid.”

Cocky Bastard Weapon overview

This weapon comes from JAKOBS, who are known for their high impact, ricocheting bullets on critical hits. The unique part of this weapon is that it deals double the damage on critical hits as elemental damage. basically, you deal double damage on critical hits: One for the weapons base damage and the other as elemental damage.

Just due to the factor of Double damage stack, it has great potential against enemies on high levels as well. If you manage to pair it with some of the meta damage builds it can deal massive damage, and make quick work of the enemies.

Suggestions/TIPS | How to use Cocky Bastard

  • Due to its good compatibility with all the Vault Hunter classes, you can pair it up with any class meta builds.
  • You can use this with FL4Ks’ Fade Away Crit damage build.
  • One use of Cocky Bastard can also be with the new Zanes’ new Conductor class mod, dealing massive shock damage to enemies.
  • The issue of low Magazine size can be dealt with if you use Moze or FL4K with it, and do a Mag build.

In conclusion, You can only get Cocky Bastard from Small tentacles chests or the glowing Floating chests. If the developers release a patch to add it to a dedicated drop pool, we will update the article. With that being said, we shall end this guide on getting or farming the Cocky Bastard in Borderlands 3.

That is all!

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