Borderlands 3 – How to get or farm Frozen Devil

Looking for a Cryo Legendary Pistol? We got you covered with the Frozen Devil in the new Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3. We shall go over the boss farm location, the weapon’s stats, and a brief overview. So make sure you own the DLC before proceeding with the guide.

Frozen Devil Farm location (enemy location)

  • The enemy you should be farming is Kukuwajack.
  • The location is Negul Neshai on Xylourgos.
  • Spawn in Negul Neshai and make your way towards the end of the opposite side of the map. For reference, if you are South, head towards the Northwest part of the map OR Top left part when you open up the map.
  • Here is the map location for Kukuwajack after you reach there:
  • The route will still be lengthy, so make sure to save at the save station location shown above.
  • The farm location is 3 levels lower than the save location so head downwards while following the map.
  • Spawn at the save location, head down, and keep going towards your left and dropping down till you reach the destination.
  • Kukuwajack will have a yellow and two Red bars, so keep the necessary build to make quick work of it.

Frozen Devil Weapon Stats


The red text says and we quote “Not sorry, not sorry, not sorry”

Frozen Devil Weapon overview

The gun is MALIWAN manufacture. It only comes in the Cryo element for now. There are two fire modes for the weapon. The first one is a continuous beam of frost damage freezing the enemy. The second mode is a single Fire Ice Spike. The single-shot ice spike will deal with decent Crit damage in the cryo element.

One of the suggested methods to use the weapon is to Fire the continuous beam to freeze the enemy. Then Fire the single-shot ice spike to deal massive crit damage. For example, of the normal single fire was doing 22K damage, the freeze and fire method can do up to 112K damage.

The freeze chance is also quite high so it won’t be an issue. The main issue is that, the beam alone has low base damage. Also, some enemies will not get frozen at all, and that takes away the massive crit damage which could have been done to them.

In conclusion, the Frozen Devil is a fun weapon to use, and do damage to single enemies. However, its low base damage and lack of crowd control make it less preferable as a main weapon. You can experiment around to see how it can suit your play style.

On that note, we shall end this short and comprehensive guide on Farming or getting the Frozen Devil in Borderlands 3.

Thanks for reading!

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