Borderlands 3 | how to get or farm Hex Grenade

The Hex grenade now has its own specific Loot pool or drop. What it means is that you can farm it or get it from a specific/guaranteed location in Bl3. In this guide, we will show a brief overview of the Grenade and where to farm it from, so keep reading…

Hex Grenade Location

  • You would want to proceed, by opening the Map, then selecting Eden-6 from the galaxy.
  • Now select the location called “The Anvil”. After this, you need to go to a specific location in the anvil to farm the hex grenade. Here is an image showing the new map location to farm the Hex Grenade:
new map location hex grenade anvil


How to get the Hex Grenade

  • After reaching the location, as shown above, you need to wait for two particular mini-bosses.
  • You should notice two yellow bar enemies walking out the far end of the tower-like structure.
  • These are called Sky Bully. Upon killing either or both of these sky bullies, they have a high chance of dropping the Hex grenade.
  • A few runs should get you at least one Hex nade. Since they spawn 2 in number, the chances are more here.
  • We would recommend farming the Sky bullies in Mayhem 3. Mayhem 3 should provide the perfect balance of high drop rates and enough difficulty to run this solo, with some meta builds.

Note: the Sky Bullies can be a bit buggy to come out. Shoot a couple of bullets around their spawn area just to be sure. And also wait for them to spawn and come out, before engaging.


Hex Grenade Stats

  • Damage of 744 and a blast radius of 122 may not seem much in theory.
  • But it has got a 2726 DMG/Sec of shock type, with a status chance of 41%.
  • And since this is a homing grenade, this will follow the enemy once thrown, and dish out huge amounts of damage due to the dmg/sec and the status chance. Use it to melt through enemy shields and make quick work of them. Definitely, a grenade mod to keep for handy use in any situation.

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

2 thoughts on “Borderlands 3 | how to get or farm Hex Grenade”

  1. “A few runs should get you at least one Hex nade.”
    Just did 48 runs in TVHM Mayhem 3, maybe 60 kills of the Sky Bullies, and not a single legendary grenade dropped at all – zero.

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