Borderlands 3: How to get or farm Mother Too

In the guide of Borderlands 3 (BL3), we will show you, how you can farm Mother Too Legendary SMG. You need to have The Bounty for Blood DLC in order to own this weapon. Let us take a look at its stats, the coveted quote, and a brief overview of the weapon.

BL3 – Mother Too farm/Drop location

  • The enemy you want to farm is Slithermaw.
  • The location is The Blastplains in Gehenna.
  • Here is the exact map location for Slithermaw:

Mother Too farm location BL3 map

  • You can reach the location by taking a teleport, or by taking a quick shortcut.
  • To use the teleport, you need to progress further enough in the main story, to have it available.
  • If you do not have the teleport there is a shortcut to reach the shafts.
  • In front of the portal, there should be a rock structure with ledges on it. Simply work your way up the ledges to reach the Shaft entry and head straight to Slithermaw.

Mother Too farm location shortcut

  • Also, make sure to save at the location shown on the map to make the farm time shorter.

Mother Too weapon quote and stats

FIRE RATE 3.34/s

The red text quotes “Thank you for taking the time to read this flavor text. This flavor text  loves you.”

Mother Too weapon Overview

This TEDIORE SMG is one of a kind. It shoots a continuous beam of the laser. If you reload the magazine, it throws the magazine and a drone spawns, which fires lasers straight downwards. The tracking on the drones is inaccurate, in the current state. The damage is decent for medium-level enemies. For a TVHM mode with Mayhem level 10, this weapon does not make the cut. The damage is just not enough to feel like a great weapon.
We would recommend this weapon for collection, or for medium-level usage. Definitely unique, but not impactful for mobbing or bosses.

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