Borderlands 3 – How to get or farm Nothingness

Wondering how to get the Nothingness Legendary Shotgun in BL3? We have you covered!

Before proceeding with the guide, make sure you own the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC.

Nothingness farm location (Boss location)

  • The Enemy that drops the Nothingness is Gmork.
  • He is located in the Cankerwood on Xylourgos.
  • Here is the map location for Gmork:

GMORK farm and save location borderlands 3


  • From the save location, jump down and cross a bridge.
  • Stick to your right, going around a large building.
  • You will finally reach a valley, guarded by two sides. At the end of the small valley, Gmork will come out, and you can farm him afterward.

Tips and Suggestion to beat Gmork

  • Use any weapon with a good fire rate and decent damage to kill it.
  • If you take a longer time, Gmork will gain a shield and can be troublesome to deal with.
  • Any Meta vault hunter build will work well with your weapons.
  • Anything ranging from Dastardly Maggie to a Corrosive Lucians call is decent enough to slay Gmork.
  • The drop rate as of now is decent enough, so expect to get it 2 or 3 out of 5 runs. This can however vary, so do not take our word for this particular drop rate.

Nothingness Weapon Stats and Overview

  • Damage: 4556
  • Accuracy: 48%
  • Handling: 55%
  • Reload Time: 2.7s
  • Fire Rate: 1.26/s
  • Magazine Size: 12

The red Text on the weapon reads “A hole would be something”, which is a direct reference to the Movie from the ’80s called “The NeverEnding Story”. The weapon is of MALIWAN manufacturing. The Weapon can come in any range of Elements also.

This weapon is like a Flakker Shotgun, but more precise. Make sure to aim for Critical spots of enemies. The massive 14-20K per tick Elemental damage is what makes the weapon so formidable. The weapon, however, has a decent charge time and only fires single shots, which can be a downside to this weapon.

But overall, if you can overcome the single fire and charge time aspects of the weapon, the per Tick damage is enough of a perk to keep Nothingness as a primary.

That will conclude this short guide on farming or getting the Nothingness Legendary Shotgun in Borderlands 3.


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