Borderlands 3 | How to get or farm Rebel Yell

Guide on the farm location for Rebel Yell Legendary Assault Rifle in BL3

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A formidable Assault rifle to keep in your BL3 arsenal can possibly be the Rebel Yell. That is because ATLAS does not usually come in any element. But for a change, the Rebell Yell does come in Shock damage, which is perfect to eat away at those annoying blue bar enemies.

As the red text reads “when you charge, yell like Furies”, it is a  direct reference to the battle cry made by the confederate soldiers in the American Civil wars, dating all the way back to the 1800s.

Concluding the short trivia, let us take a look at where and how we can farm the Rebel Yell in BL3

Where to farm the Rebel Yell from? (Farm or Drop location)

  • You would want to farm the Sky Bullies to get them to drop this weapon.
  • They are located on Eden-6, in the Anvil.
  • Here is the exact map location for the Sky Bullies:

new map location rebel yell anvil

  • Quick TIP: Save at the location shown below before proceeding, to make the farm time shorter and easier:

rebel yell save location bl3


  • As shown above, save the game there to spawn quickly and keep farming until the weapon drops for you.
  • Use any Meta Build such as AMARA phase build or Moze build which should contain yellow bar damage stats.
  • This will ensure the quickest work of the sky bullies since they heavily reply on Yellow bars.
  • Here is an illustrative image for Sky bullies:

sky bully hex grenade farm boss

  • Since this is a Challenge enemy, at first it should spawn two sky bullies for you. The subsequent farms are mostly to involve only one Sky bully, so make sure you melt him quickly and repeat the process until the rebel yell drops for you.

Rebel Yell Weapon Stats and Overview

  • Damage: 564
  • Accuracy: 63%
  • Handling: 58%
  • Reload Time: 2.3s
  • Fire Rate: 10.67/s
  • Magazine Size: 22

This weapon is one of the recommended ones to keep with you since ATLAS manufacturers do not usually make elemental legendaries. This one is one of the exceptions coming from them. Not to take away the fact that it can do decent shock damage to enemies and melt their blue shields.

We are open to any queries, general questions or suggestions, via the comments below. That is all for this guide on farming the Rebel Yell Legendary Assault Rifle on Borderlands 3. We will be updating BL3 weapons categories with more weapons as they come, so bookmark us to keep posted with them. You can also follow us on our social media platforms.

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