Borderlands 3 – How to get or farm Skullmasher

Want to get your hands on Skullmasher Legendary Sniper in Borderlands 3? We have you covered with the guide, to make the farm easier. Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC is a must to own, to get this weapon.

Where to get or farm Skullmasher (Chest Locations)


  • Currently, the Skullmasher Drop is bugged. So the only way you can get it is from chests.
  • The chests, of course, need to be in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC
  • We recommend farming the Loot Skritaari chest to get a drop.


  • One other place you can farm is from two chests which spawn on the location shown below. They are located in Heart’s Desire on Xylourgos:
SKullmasher farm location bl3
  • After you save at the location above, go ahead and make a backup of your save file.
  • The default saveFile Location for Borderlands 3 should be: Documents > My Games > Borderlands 3 > Saved > SaveGames
  • Now spawn into the save location, and jump down.
  • After that, you should come across two chests as shown below:
Skullmasher chest locations bl3
  • Now for some characters, these two chests will remain closed when you save quit and reload again. But for most players, these will remain open, up to 20min, after which they reset.
  • So to make your farm quicker and easier, if you do not get the drop, simply delete the current file and load the copy of it.
  • Now open your game, and make sure you swap character once, to fully load the save file. Then load back into the map.
  • Rinse and repeat until you get the Weapon.


  • If you do not prefer this method, then you can just open these two chests, run through all of the chests in Map 1 and then, Map 2.
  • After you complete the run, the chests should be reset and you can repeat the process.
  • For Console users, you can backup your save file to cloud storage and re-download when you need it.

Skullmasher Weapon Stats


The red text states “Makes your brain hurt.”

Skullmasher Weapon overview

Being a JAKOBS weapon, it has a fairly high Fire Rate, which is an exception to the usually slow-firing JAKOBS weapons. Just like other JAKOBS weapons, the bullet will ricochet if you land critical hits. It is a returning weapon from the previous Borderlands games, however, the color of the weapon has been changed.

Due to its high fire rate and great damage, you can spam it on enemies very quickly. One downside to this is its high recoil. If you do not control the recoil and spam it, the shots can go off without hitting the target. One suggestive way to counter this is to go up close with the enemy and use it as a quickfire shotgun.

The weapons impressive damage compensates for the bad recoil, and you can make quick work of the enemies. The two things to keep in mind is that it eats ammo pretty fast, and make sure to not use it from a far range. If you can manage these aspects of the weapon, it can totally be used as a main, even on Mayhem 4.

The weapon is bugged as we stated above so the only sources are chests from the DLC. It has been reported to the devs and we can expect a patch soon to address the issue. But as of now (Date and time of this article publish) the above methods are the only way to get the weapon.

We will update the article if a patch comes around and they decide to make it a dedicated drop. Till then we shall conclude this guide on farming or getting Skullmasher Legendary Sniper Rifle in Borderlands 3.

That is all. Thanks for reading!

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